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AngryJoe gives a Review of Star Wars Rogue One fresh from seeing the film! How does it stack up and does it work as a standalone story wars story?

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  1. I’m seeing Rogue One today. I’ll come back after that. LOL.

  2. If I had known that this was spoiler free, I would have watched it earlier. LOL. I generally don’t like war films (you know what I mean) but yeah, this movie is a 90 out of 100. The battles are great, the 3D was great (unlike the crap 3D in Episode 7), and all the supporting characters are great. The leads are boring. The first 20 something minutes almost made me fall asleep. The early music was overly soothing. The Darth Vader scenes were so awesome. My favorite characters were the Empire robot and Donnie Yen. (SPOILER?) The Princess Leia CGI was great. I was like O.O I won’t talk about the ending just in case but I expected about 90% of the ending. LOL.

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