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Happy birthday (week) Carrie Fisher! Also: The Force Awakens, the reality of time passing and mortality, and approaches to progress.

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  1. TFA has been splitting fandom as not everyone likes going back to what works but I am among those that actually likes it. Yes, there is certain element of familiarity when it comes to TFA when you compare it to ANH but IMO there is enough new things to not make it feel like total remake.

    Sure Rey is big Mary-Sue but then again so was Luke in original trilogy so I can overlook it. Then again if I didn’t overlook it I would be hypocrite. I am expecting 2nd or 3rd movie in new trilogy reveal that she is Luke’s daughter who was hidden from her cousin Ben after Luke’s New Jedi Order fell.

  2. Great episode. I think Ren also has come to represent the ‘angry white man’ who pines over a time when just being white and a man was enough to justify a higher status in society.

    Of course, in the Star Wars universe, it was not being ‘white’ and a ‘man’ which (openly) gave him that binary status, but being a force user; however, he has the same sense that he cannot quite accept a reality where who he was born as is not enough to justify him instantly being better than everyone else. This has then manifested itself as a self-imposed sense of lose of status and the anger/indignation which comes with this.

    You see many young men who grew up seeing the binary status assigned to their father, but not getting such a status themselves going through the same sort of conflict that Ren is having whilst trying and failing to come to terms with his own perceived lose of status for his generation of force users.

    I also think this feeds into the films overriding message of you cannot and should not look to go back to the past, but embrace the future by learning from the past.

  3. This was a great analysis. You see, I was born in an odd time. I was old enough to have seen the original trilogy and love it (with Episode 6 being my favorite) but I was only alive to be able to see the new trilogy in theaters. However, I was still little and my family thought Darth Maul and the clones from Episode II, and PG-13 Episode III would be too scary for me. The point is: This video captured the wonder that I felt when I was finally able to see my first Star Wars movie in theaters.

  4. For all people shit on this movie for being “a copy of New Hope”, it honestly couldn’t have gone a different direction. People hated the first prequel for trying something different, so of course eecutives won’t let things be different.

    And, frankly, it makes for some good thematic parallels

    • It’s because Phantom Menace did a bad job of being different. If TFA were different instead of a retread, it might have fared better with opinions but only partially.

  5. Screw it, I didn’t like this film. There are many excuses as to why this rehashes so much elements from the original trilogy but I don’t buy them. It’s lazy. I don’t like the prequels but they did something different and yet they didn’t “feel like Star Wars”. So rehashing is the only thing fans prefer? Disney is basically pandering to you all and you call for it. Granted, there are those who like the film for other reasons and it’s their opinion and I don’t mean to judge; just don’t praise it for “feeling like Star Wars”. Originality always wins.

    • Yeah, it’s not like the characters were any good. Kylo has no one wanting for his redemption; just his murder/death so he won’t keep going around be an emo douche who wants to join the Dark Side Lillie it were some club instead of an abstract Orwellian concept. Finn is a runaway slave IN SPACE!!! essentially who has no goals but to run and finishes unconscious at the end. Rey is the Mary-Sue and bland otherwise.

      And have you noticed how the characters are a lot like the Spaceballs characters?

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