Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Spoiler Review – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Thanks to Matthew Brando for portraying Kylo Ren!

Thanks to Aaron J. Morton for providing the music!

Thanks to Kevin Ayotte for his brilliant visual FX work!

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  1. It was pretty good. The acting was good. The action was good. I like every scene except for one. Most of the humor was good. However, there weren’t enough twists. The trailers misled me. I didn’t think the Force scene was silly. There weren’t enough twists. I think the trailers and some critics misled me. I thought there were going to be all these crazy twists but there were like two. (SPOILERS! SPOILERS!) Halfway through the movie, I thought Snoke would be Rey’s father. I SWEAR on my life that when Rey went to the “hole of darkness” and there was a shadow… in my mind, the outline looked like Snoke. I thought someone would switch to an opposite side. There was just one good twist. Heck, I though Leia would die but it was Luke. Lastly, yeah, did Snoke really have no purpose besides red herring?! I really hope the next movie sticks the landing. It will change my opinion of this movie to either good or bad.

  2. One important mention. Teleportation was already mentioned in EU and there is no legit reason why it wouldn’t be a thong (this same goes about grey nature of the force what was always best thing in EU). So it is more a “fans” would be angry, who are fans of only selective works and generally are ignoramus about whole franchise. From what I did noticed most haters don’t have legit arguments. I talk with dozen until that point and literally no one of them have any legit criticism for own puberty outrage. Even real flaws of those movies were binged by people who like it.

  3. The only thing that bugged me about this movie is how Admiral Holdo didn’t tell Poe her plan to evacuate the ship at the least minute when he first asked, which resulted in Poe’s failed infiltration plan, mutiny, and half of the resistance dying. Sure there is the arc of him having to learn he isn’t always right, but when Holdo FINALLY told him her plan he immediately went along with it, agreeing it could work, meaning if she had told him that nearly 2 hours previously in movie time it would have made a lot more sense. I think the issue could have been fixed if Holdo went with Poe’s plan at first, the whole movie proceeds almost the same way except for the mutiny, but Finn and Rose are still betrayed before they can disable the lightspeed tracker, THEN Holdo mentions the planet nearby is a good place to evacuate and the movie finishes the same way. Poe still learns his lesson about how he isn’t always right and they don’t have to fight all the time, we get ALL the same action beats, cutting out the mutiny shortens the movie by 10 minutes or so which might make the casino planet side story more bearable, but most importantly of all, Holdo doesn’t come off as a smug bitch who stupidly keeps vital information from her people.

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