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Agent Rex-Dart now faces a new threat against the Empire, one playing both sides against each other.

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  1. You have to admit that as bad as Kaliyo is (and she has her supporters, believe it or not), she’s not the worst companion in this game. On the contrary, there are some who are even worse than she is. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t played the game and/or Knight of the Fallen Empire.

    Skadge is by *far* my least favorite companion in the game, and I’m apparently not alone in that opinion. Skadge is a psychopathic Houk that you encounter on Belsavis during the BH’s story, having been imprisoned there for what come to be *very* good reasons. The first time you meet him should tell you all you need to know about him. His later conversations with the PC do nothing to redeem him (he’s got no such qualities, unlike most of the other BH companions) and apparently makes most people want to toss him out the escape pod hatch – without the escape pod. Personally, if the game gave you a choice, I would leave his corpse on Belsavis before I let him aboard my ship. It should say a bit that it’s rumored he’s one of the companions KotFE will allow players to kill in the new chapters.

    Tanno Vik is another companion I’d just as soon rather not have. Described as a demolition expert that the Trooper PC needs for an assault on an Empire superweapon, he was dishonorably discharged from the Republic military – and you experience exactly *why* first hand when you go to recruit him on Balmorraa. You’ll question why the hell Garza didn’t just settle for the number two man when you jump through the hoops he has you go through just to *reach* him. I’ve spoken with a few people in general chat, and I can tell you, many of them have expressed what could only be described as pure glee that you can kill him in KotFE.

    As for “prototype psycho girlfriend,” I believe that Jaesa Willsaam in the Warrior Storyline not only gives Kaliyo a run for her money, she leave her in the dust. If you play your Warrior mostly dark-sided, she not only falls to the Dark Side when you beat her on Hutta, she does a flippin’ *nose dive* into it. At the end of her romance arc (and you *have* to be a DS Warrior to romance her), she mentions having bugged you to see if were cheating on her – and then expresses *disappointment* that you weren’t, because she wanted to *hunt down and kill* those women. Psycho girlfriend, thy name is Jaesa.

    Overall, a good overview, and I hope to see more such videos on the other classes, and on the expansions as well.

    • In Jaesa’s defense, she’s only that way because the DS Warrior made her that way. It makes sense too, since she started taking her cues from the Warrior once she turned to the dark side and the DS Warrior is essentially a psychotic maniac.

      Also there’s always the option of keeping Jaesa light sided in which case she won’t be a pyscho at all. Kaliyo on the other hand will always be a psycho girlfriend regardless. I should mention though that, spoiler alert, none of the folks you mention will betray you the way Malavai Quinn does.

      • No, but Vik and Gault will be running schemes behind your back (though they’ll try to get you to go along). Gault at least has a certain charm (hard to dislike someone voiced by Daran Norris), but Vik’s just an ass. And with Skadge, you really get the sense you don’t want to turn your back on him.

        Quinn’s betrayal (which I’m sure Chuck would mention if he ever does the Sith Warrior) is an artifact of when BioWare originally intended to allow companions to die, which they then removed when beta players actually went through with it. At the time, Quinn was *the* medic of the Warrior’s team – kill him, and you’re without a medic. Now that you can set your companion to Tank/Damage/Healer, it’s kinda silly you can’t kill him for his betrayal.

        • Having recently gotten Gault, I have to say I rather like the guy. Sure he’s constantly running schemes but hey, my character shoots people for money who is he to judge?

    • I remember Skadge, I spent the whole time getting wonderign why a LS BH or any BH would want him on their ship and the game never gave me an answer so I just ignored him.

      My only other companion complaint out of the characters I played was the Sith Inq apprentice. Have you get him so late (the last companion for the SI) and then having him dislike talking and explaining things made it really hard to get to know him (I basically did ever conversation with him twice, once to actually learn about him and the second time for brevity which he likes). I also was left wondering why a LS Sith Inq would want him as an apprentice especially when the game provided a good alternative. I think that the force sensitive Gormak (doubt I’m spelling that right) you meet on Voss would have been a much better choice as an apprentice. You already are connected to the character through your Voss story line and he could be easily shaped light side or dark.

    • Honestly, I think if SF Debris hated any companion worse than Kaliyo it’d be Guss.

      He’s almost a carbon copy of Voyager’s resident “shithead”, Neelix.

  2. So is the Shiny man on Voss they mentioned actually Darth Nox?

    • Doubtful. Darth Nox is the Sith Inquisitor, and still kicking by the end of his/her storyline (all indications are that that the Shining Man died on Voss, which the Inquisitor certainly didn’t. The ship design isn’t the Fury, either, which all Sith players recieve).

      • I though your tile was Darth Imperius as the Sith Inquisitor though it has been awhile.

        • Depends on how you’re character is aligned at the end of the story. The “canon” name is Darth Nox, which what the Inq is called if they’re strongly Dark Sided at the end of the story. “Imperius” is the title bestowed if the Inquistor is Light Sided at the end of the story. If they’re neutrally aligned (neither Light nor Dark), they’re called Darth Occulus.

    • FYI, that’s a fairly big spoiler for the Inquisitor story.

  3. The way the epilogue uses the ending of the quest and what the sith player did in the Black Talon (though I should say, what virtually EVERY sith does in the Black Talon) was a particularly brilliant stroke.

    I really want to see the Inquisitor story tackled now. I wonder if we could crowdfund that.

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