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The development of Star Wars II hits a snag, leading to Lucas’ conceiving a new plotline that would forever change his story.

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  1. Morkez Marihser

    I rather facepalm when you mention Vader being Luke’s father was an idea that came up in THIS phase. Especially when the name “Darth Vader” is VERY close to the German and Yiddish words for “Dark Father”. My mother saw this in the theater during its opening week and went “Duh!” at the reveal for that exact reason.

    • This is how it really happened. The scripts exist. The name “translation” is really just coincidence. Check out Linkara’s reviews of “The Star Wars”, a comic based of an early draft of Star Wars.

      In that Luke Skywalker is the Obi-Wan character. Annakin Starkiller is the young hero. His father is a cyborg, but a good guy who gets killed. Darth Vader isn’t even a Sith in it. He’s pretty much an Imperial Agent. The name existed WELL before it was decided Darth Vader would be related to the hero in any way.

    • He already covered that that was just a massive coincidence in the making of Star Wars, Hero’s Journey.

  2. ManWithGoodTaste

    Great job my man.

  3. How do you know all this?

  4. Seriously how in the hell do you know all this in such detail and what is your real name SF Debris?

    • His Twitter gives the name Charles Sonnenburg. I think he goes by “Chuck”. If I was to guess, I’d say he probably has done a lot of reading.

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