Star Wars: The Shadow’s Journey Vol III – SF Debris

Efforts are underway to bring The Empire Strikes Back to life, but three events slowly transform Lucas from fastidious filmmaker to Hollywood executive.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Well, this explains why Hamill became such a natural at voice acting. He’s already had to learn to interact with inanimate objects and non-existent characters.

  2. ManWithGoodTaste

    So, to summarize, George was so afraid Empire would fail, he started to settle for less artistically. And, became more paranoid of losing money.

    Fear did lead to suffering it seems.

  3. I think Chuck’s true calling is a documentarian.

    These “Journey” series videos have so much information and tidbits that someone like me, a huge fan of Sci-Fi and Cinema, but not necessarily a huge Star Wars fan (I enjoy it casually) find fascinating since it still remains such a huge part of the pop culture.

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