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Lucas struggles to find the right tone for Star Wars III, but filming on it reveals he made a serious miscalculation.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    “True… from a certain point of view.” In other words, “Alternate Facts.”

    I always thought this response from Obi Wan was a cop-out. I always thought he should have just owned up to his deception, admitting that he did it to protect Luke, but that it ultimately proved not to be the right thing to do.

    “The Wrath of Khan” sounds way more awesome than “The Revenge/Vengeance of Khan” would have, and I’m glad they went with that.

    • No, “alternative facts” is a word used by propaganda, as facts by definition are true (if not then they aren’t facts). Idea of providing “alternative facts” referee specifically to providing lies which would be by common people recognized as facts. That is not what Obi Wan did. Though it is what Lucas did, pretending consciously or unconsciously that he has greater vision then he did in reality.

      What he did is the fact that many things usually don’t have simple answers, and as such facts can be judged from perspective. For example killing evil dictator for one would be act of heroism, but for his family and associates it could be a tragedy. This same is here.. Vader destroy who Anakin was, so saying that “he kill Luck father” in not exactly untrue, even if it is that in non literal way. Obi Wan didn’t know if there is still someone in that shell, and presumed that old Anakin died, so wasting time on something what could be soulless cyborg only because it is technically Luck father is pointless.

  2. FeraligatrReturns

    I always heard that Luke’s lightsaber was made green so it would stand out against the blue Tatooine sky. So what is the truth?! I guess this is another “certain point of view” thing.

  3. ManWithGoodTaste

    “If Star Wars 3 failed, Fox would retain the rights to the franchise, could make future sequels, or make a remake of the first film”.

    A remake of the first Star Wars.



  4. ManWithGoodTaste

    Lucas’ failure to plan his saga, and the eventual retcon he would have to write, would become one of the best things about Star Wars.

    While originally a simple explanation for a plot hole, it would eventually end up meaning something else: that even the Jedi do not know everything about the Force, and aren’t always right. Obi Wan isn’t always right. Luke isn’t always right. YODA isn’t always right.

    The jedi would have been the perfect know-it-alls, whom you are not allowed to disagree with as a member of the audience, if not for that one, seemingly accidental, line.

  5. Interesting.

  6. Very interesting and intriguing.

  7. Damn… I really like “Return of the Jedi”, but I would love to see the movie Kasdan had envisioned.

    However, it is strange to hear that he objected to bringing back the Death Star because we have already seen it and then he worked on the script for Episode VII, which once again had a Death Star-like superweapon that gets blown up in the end.

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