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The BGP crew plays Starfox 64 multiplayer for the Nintendo 64. Which one will win the duel of Barrel Rolls in this massive dogfight with no dogs? General Pepper doesn’t count.

What is Love Parody.

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  1. Dude, Ryan. How could you NOT play this game multiplayer in 1997? Back in 97, this, Mario Kart, and GoldenEye were all me and my college buddies ever played before the Half Life and Counterstrike era.

    Also, while I like the Arwing the best, going on foot does give you the advantage of being a smaller target and just surprising your friends with bazooka attacks. I used to be so good at just going on foot that I eventually got bored and chose the Arwing and Tank to spice things up.

    LOL at the What is Love parody. That thing should go viral. 😛

  2. While this game had fun competitive aspect to it in multiplayer, it was nonetheless lacking. By the time foot was achieved, it’s a sting just to play it. There’s no real advantage to it, and it’s incredibly boring if you are to have all players play on foot.

    The single player was where it was at, with sans split screen and fast paced stage-by-stage action. Adding save feature would have only ruined it. All and all, the meat of the replay value in this game is in single-player run-throughs, alternating between players if you’re so inclined.

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