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Teal’c believes in one reality he’s a fireman and in another reality that he goes to other planets. All that’s left is to be a cowboy and he’s every four year old ever.

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Brad1ey Shaw

No one else commented, so I figured I would.

HEY! Someone else remembers ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’. That’s awesome. I watched that a lot back in the early 90’s. It feels like it lasted longer than just three seasons. Kind of a shame that that and ‘Stargate SG1’ are what most people are likely to remember Corin Nemec for. I always thought he deserved better than all the SyFy Channel schlock he tends to end up in.

Great video.


Parker Lewis went down hill in the third season when they dropped the “Can’t Lose” from the title. It became just another show about a teen dealing with school, girlfriend, home, etc.

Brad1ey Shaw

Now that you mention it I do remember the title change and wondering why. I guess I didn’t consciously notice the writing change and I began migrating to other shows when PL just wasn’t as entertaining as it use to be. Thanks for the info.