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Teal’c believes in one reality he’s a fireman and in another reality that he goes to other planets. All that’s left is to be a cowboy and he’s every four year old ever.

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  1. No one else commented, so I figured I would.

    HEY! Someone else remembers ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’. That’s awesome. I watched that a lot back in the early 90’s. It feels like it lasted longer than just three seasons. Kind of a shame that that and ‘Stargate SG1’ are what most people are likely to remember Corin Nemec for. I always thought he deserved better than all the SyFy Channel schlock he tends to end up in.

    Great video.

    • Parker Lewis went down hill in the third season when they dropped the “Can’t Lose” from the title. It became just another show about a teen dealing with school, girlfriend, home, etc.

      • Now that you mention it I do remember the title change and wondering why. I guess I didn’t consciously notice the writing change and I began migrating to other shows when PL just wasn’t as entertaining as it use to be. Thanks for the info.

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