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The team has to do decide what to do when Apophis drops in their laps out of the sky. No, really, he drops right out of the sky and busts his legs hitting the ground… It’s like a gift within a gift, really.

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  1. While Goa’uld only pretend to be gods generally comparing God of Dead to Satan is inaccurate and goes to TV Trope highjacked by Jesus just like Anubis from Yu-Gi-Oh movie Pyramid of Light. It shows lack of understanding of source that lore is based on.

    • Well, later in season 3 Sokar does masquerade as Satan in the episode “Demons.” He even uses an Unas to make the townspeople think it’s a hellish demon. So, this can be interpreted in two ways, 1. The writers saw their TV trope error and decided to run with it, and fleshed it out to fit with their own fictional lore, or 2. that they knowingly changed the lore presented in this episode to fit within the Stargate storyline.

      It was likely the former.

  2. You should make a video about “Hathor”! That’s one of the most interesting episodes of Stargate, especially the entire goa’uld reproduction aspect.

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