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Our heroes figure out how to make contact with the Tok’ra, but the meeting doesn’t go particularly well. Although that does describe most of SG-1’s meetings actually.

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  1. “Calling the patrons english”
    I don’t understand. You lost me at Glasgow.

    • Glasgow is in Scotland. Scotland spent much of its history fighting of English rule. The nations were officially united when Scottish King James VI became the King of England as well as James I. However, his descendents were deposed twice, which led to a later attempt to at least retake Scotland (pretty much what was going on when the Second Doctor picked up Jamie).

  2. “Take an algebra test with no pants on.”

    That… was hilarious.

  3. Wow. I always watched both parts together, so I never noticed this artificial cliff hanger. The actual solution is obvious at this point–the only issue is how they will let Stargate Command know about it, while being trapped at the base.

    It’s rather pointless–Stargate Command already knows that their people were sent there, and are going to get itchy if they don’t reply back. Obviously Sam has already shared what knowledge she has from Jolinar, including their current location. They’re no less safe if they let our people contact Earth while being watched.

    (Why they actually let them go back without being guarded throws me to this day. Seems a bit of a security lapse.)

  4. As I wasn’t a regular watcher, was it the Goa’uld reputation that made it so hard for the Tok’ra to find hosts? I’d think there’d be no shortage of people lining up for knowledge and health benefits.

    • That’s part of the problem, sure. But the bigger issue is just that the Tok’ra are extremely secretive. They can’t exactly go out and do recruiting drives. They have to spend a whole lot of time finding someone they can trust. If they fuck up (and they will), there can be some disastrous consequences.

      In fact, at this point in the series, the Tau’ri (earthlings) seem to be the only other humanoid species fighting the Goa’uld. (And they need humanoid hosts to be able to do their spy work.) We’re the first potential ally that they can kinda trust.

      We’re actually kinda unique in the galaxy, in that we’re a huge civilization of humans that has not been conquered by the Goa’uld but have access to a Stargate. (Because ours was buried for a long time, and we didn’t have a dial-out device. We had to evolve to the point of making our own.)

      • (technically, if we want to get into it, we have a Goa’uld Stargate, but we had successfully fought the Goa’uld off back in Ancient Egyptian times. But we also had a buried Stargate and a dial out device in an uninhabited inhospitable part of the globe: Antarctica.)

  5. Well yes, the name of the Tok’ra means “those who oppose Râ”, and SG-1 could claim it for themselves.
    But the name of the Goa’uld has a meaning too, I think it is “children of the gods”, so it isn’t any better.
    This is a species of alien symbiotes with two different cultures, that of the Goa’uld and that of the Tok’ra.

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