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The conclusion as Carter’s father is dying of cancer, but that might be the answer to the Tok’ra problem. Hurray, thank goodness you have cancer!

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  1. Isn’t later reaveled (maybe in backstage material) that Jolinar wasn’t an original Tok’Ra? He was a Goa’uld that decided that the Tok’Ra way is the right one and switched sides.

    That is why in a stressful situation of running away from an assassin it was willing to brake the Tok’Ra taboo of controlling it’s host, he merely adapted the Tok’Ra philosophy, it wasn’t genetically programmed in to him like fro original Tok’Ra’s

    • That was what I always assumed about Jolinar — she was originally a Goa’uld who CHOSE the Tok’ra way, so its practices weren’t natural and inborn in her mind. Her instinctive ways would have been the Goa’uld way, which is to survive at all costs by nabbing a host. Sel’mak, being born a Tok’ra and “programmed” that way from birth with the ideals of Egeria, would have had a very different outlook during an emergency.

      For instance, she might have felt that in a life-threatening emergency, it was okay to take a host like that… as long as it wasn’t permanent and she didn’t hurt the host.

      At the very least, the canonical depiction of Jolinar as originally being a Goa’uld can cover that plot hole, along with her greater pissiness and arrogance.

  2. Do the Tok’ra have a single “great mother” like the goa’uld have in Hathor?

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