Step By Step Goes To Disney World Commentary – SJwaC

Some Jerk commentates on his review of Step By Step’s Disney World episode, “We’re Going To Disney World!” with special guests Doggans and Spazz Master!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    That the story of the guy who left the show is really sad. From what I remember the story is the guys wife claimed he was abusing her and their kids. However the truth was the wife was the one who as really abusing the kids and was using the fact that he was both on a TV Show and a man (since you know the whole thing how men are always the abusers which is bull crap). I don’t remember where I read this but still…

    Also as I said you first posted the video on this site, the one thing I remember about Step by Step is the fact that there were a couple episodes with guys who thought they were Bevis and Butthead.

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