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Stephen King hated what Stanley Kubrick did with The Shining so much he decided to make his own adaptation. Was it any good or should he have just made his peace with Kubrick’s changes?

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  1. Well, I kinda get where Stephen King is coming from. I prefer about 90% accuracy most of the time. Then again, I rarely read books so I usually have nothing to compare movies or shows to.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      I have read quite a few Stephen King novels, so I think I can say with some resolution that King’s works really do need some editing if they’re going to be presented on the screen. A good bit of extraneous scenes really need to be truncated or at least presented in a visual medium in a different manner than in print.

  2. At least this version of Wendy wasn’t a shrill, quivering mess like in the Kubrick film.

  3. didn’t the Stand have a The End… or is it? ending

  4. The Shining was a better Kubrick movie than a Stephen King story. This Made-for-TV movie was terribly dull.

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