Sternritter B: The Bullshit – Weekly Manga Recap

Hey Uryu, you don’t mind if I just have your power, but slightly better even if doesn’t fit at all with my whole theme of balance, right?

Black Clover c. 67 – 4:39

Bleach c. 679 – 15:12

Fairy Tail c. 491 – 25:31

Food Wars c. 172 – 35:27

My Hero Academia c. 96 – 46:13

One Piece c. 830 – 1:12:22

Toriko c. 376 – 1:21:19

World Trigger c. 148 – 1:24:35

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  1. Once again if you don’t like the(a) series THEN why do you keep reading it? You can spend that time either
    1. finding another series you might like or
    2. Read something you enjoy.
    continuing to read something you hate(or dislike) and then complaining about it well you can’t blame the creator they’ve been doing that for years(?) now. Also using the excuse of you’ve already dedicated so much time to the series is just a crutch.

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