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Rantasmo explores the fabulously queer world of Steven Universe. (And then things get weird.)

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    And we are the crystal mems

  2. Honestly, I think that what Steven Universe does so well and sets it apart from so many other shows (especially family shows) is that Steven’s defining trait isn’t just compassion or something basic, it’s empathy. Throughout the show we see Steven more and more not judge others without knowing their story and generally being able to place himself in others shoes. As Steven gets more empathetic, he’s better able to help others and we see this trait spread. Frankly, empathy is something severely lacking today (on all sides, as 2016s politics made painfully clear). One of the only other shows I can think of that had empathy play an important role was Avatar The Last Airbender (still need to watch Korra).

  3. I was looking forward to this episode.

    And that ending was gold, you’re always so funny.

  4. Tbh, while I appreciate the angle of lesbian characters with Ruby and Sapphire by them both being females… I simply cannot help but see Ruby as male, and not in an intentionally transphobic way, but more that Ruby looks, sounds and acts like a prebubescent boy (women usually voice those characters anyway, so female voice actor isnt really evidence) and rubies taking a traditionally masculine roles, as body guards and military personnel.

    They are literally the muscle of the gem forces. So, even disregarding the pronouns not beign significant for gems, and despite the use of said pronouns, I cant help but argue that Ruby and Sapphire are a lesbian couple securely locked behind Heavilly coded straightness, with the mask being youth and gender roles.

    And beyond them, most of the other relationships are straight, so tbh SU cant really escape from heteronormativity itself. The only show really to do that successfully is Adventure Time, even if it is relatively subtle.

    • “And beyond them, most of the other relationships are straight, so tbh SU cant really escape from heteronormativity itself.”

      – Uh there’s also Pearl and Rose Quartz which was a relationship. It’s just that Rose was honestly unfaithful and found more interests in humans so formed a bond with Greg but yeah that was still one. And as shown in “Last One Out of Beach City” Pearl is trying to move and form another relationship with a human woman so… pretty much that’s still implying a lesbian relationship.

      Also Amethysts and Jaspers are technically more the muscle and warriors of Gem forces and like every other Gem are considered female. And as Rantasmo showed that clip in “The Answer” is pretty much showing that “gems in a fustion relation ship of different types = allegory for homosexuality and people’s prejudged rigid notions of it” so yeah sorry it is a female on female relationship and is considered as such. Because even in relationships where both members of the couple are the same gender, you are going to have one that may act more masculine and one that may act more feminine. I know this from personal experience as my sister is bisexual and I’ve seen her get in arguments with her girlfriend that played out like in “Keystone Motel” so yeah again it is that. You are free to see it how you like but that doesn’t change what it is and what the creative team and show are doing with the concept.

    • There is a noticeable Feminine and Masculine energy you get form the two. But such tends to happen in some same sex relationships. It is still a very well written relationship.

  5. That ending kills me.

  6. This was an episode I admit I was waiting for you to do for like… over a year ever since “Jail break” came out and SU’s LBGT themes were made 100% front and center. Especially as I really liked your episode on Korra and heck even back in the day with “kids stuff” talking about wanting a show to fully dive into LBGT themes and then that’s what SU did, so again was waiting for your take on it. And really glad how this turned out because this was a great episode covering a lot of the most central themes. There are some more that could of been covered (though I guess one like one of the writers being harassed off of twitter was because she got a lot of negative complaints saying she didn’t see an Amethyst/Peridot relationship and thought Lapis/Peridot made more sense and everyone getting angry about that) but you hit all the big notes really well. I especially like pointing out how pedantic people can get and pointing out how one could say “oh Gems technically aren’t female because they’re rocks” but pointing out how the show treats and acts and showcases them being female in pretty much every way so that’s a moot point and how Ruby and Sapphire work as a real relationship and Pearl’s complexity and even saying Steven doesn’t really showcase much cliche male aggressive tendances and the core values of the show. And the ending was great as well with your animated self running from the monster (glad again to see Nella in something on this site even if it’s a quick VA cameo) so yeah all around great episode and yeah there does need to be more representation which… there is a bit more of now acutally as there are actual queer couples in both Clarence and the Loud House and those are also kids cartoons so… at least things are better then your first video on this subject from 6 years ago.

  7. Yeah Seven’s existence is very complex. How does semen and a hardlight construct do it?

  8. Rantasmo the Crystal Gem. LOL You need a fan nickname like “Beard Mom” or “Fab Mom” or something like that.

  9. I want to be interested in Steven Universe, but I can barely muster up the free time to semi keep up with ponies, and I just cannot get into the voice acting in this show. Their voices are just unpleasant to listen to for me. I get that they’re very *real* sounding voices, but that doesn’t make them any less husky, mumbly, and generally discordant with how the characters look to me like they would sound.

    • That’s a very unique issue to have with the series, but I’m almost positive that just watching the show would make that go away. (like how after being used to hearing japanese VOs for an anime, you listen to the english voice and squirm, but just by watching it long enough you can kinda get over it.)

      • I like the designs alright and love the concepts but any time I try to watch a clip or listen to something like Stronger Than You I end up muting it/switching to a fan cover/parody; Pretty sure that’s not actually that uncommon of an opinion considering the Sans version has *three times* the views of the original; even someone imitating Sans’ bassy voice is easier on the ears.

  10. I could not agree more. This show tackles so many very sensitive issues that need to be addressed in such a clean and tasteful and entertaining way. Also, the show is just hands down one of the best things ever.

  11. Ahh. So Gems are like the Asari from Mass Effect. Got it.

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