Steven Universe Vlogs: An Indirect Kiss

Steven gets closer to his mother despite having never met her.

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  1. oh ho ho ho Mirror Gem is neeeext

    thats when this show REALLY starts to kick off

  2. Yeah this was pretty fun episode, good feels but also some pretty nice comedy, I especially love the joke at the end that cleverly uses the episodes framing device.

    Don’t worry you two, the true nature of pearl and rose’s relationship will be explored….thoroughly in future episode.

    Next up….IT BEGINS!!!

  3. For now we mostly see Pearl’s deep admiration for Rose, but as we keep going it’s going to start coming across as deep love. Though technically genderless and they don’t reproduce the way we understand (what Rose did to conceive Steven was very unnatural for them) they are capable of romantic attraction. Let’s just say Linkara wasn’t off when he said “lesbian space rocks.”

  4. oh, “an indirect kiss” is more of an anime trope, but basically when 2 people share a drink from the same glass/straw/bottle it’s like they’ve actually kissed. Since Steven and Connie drank from the same juice box that’s where the title comes from.

  5. Quite sad episode
    I never get it why do kids that grown up with no parents and do fine loaning for people that they know nothing about and never meet so why cry
    Its ok to cry as long as its nothing pointless
    Pearl really liked Rose
    Gems are considered genderless its there chose of the body but Steven douse has a gender male
    Pearl douse hates messes and she loves to clean up but this is her being worried that something was left by Rose is being destroy and it worries her

  6. For once, Doug is actually more intuitive than Rob here, he picked up Pearl’s connection to Rose even before I did.


    Just had to get that out there.
    Anyways, yeah, with Pearl, it a bit of the last two you said. Kind of on the teacher/master to princess/knight kind of thing. Idolizing her to the point of questionable obsession. Not gonna question if they were a possible couple.

  8. I really like how Steven didn’t become sad from his mother being dead. My parents are both alive and well, so I can’t directly relate,but my mom’s mom died within months of my parents’ wedding. I’ve lived most of my life with only one grandma, and everyone expects me to be sad about a woman I never knew.

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