Steven Universe Vlogs: Episode 55 – Say Uncle

Steven Universe has it’s first crossover and it is…strange. Check out today’s Vlog on Episode 55 of Steven Universe – Say Uncle.

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  1. I’ve never watched Uncle Grandpa, and I’d only heard of it because of this crossover. That being said, I actually thought this episode was a lot of fun from both sides of the crossover! It did actually make me want to check out Uncle Grandpa though I still have not.

    … Though I’d rather not see an Adventure Time crossover, can’t stand that show… 😡

  2. Care to revise your statement that todays cartoons are better than they were a decade ago? Uncle Grandpa is just the culmination of where shows like Regular Show, Gumball, and Teen Titans go has led us to. Cartoon Network skipped over renewing Thundercats for a second season, Amethyst princess of Gem world, the Modifiers(though that one might be a saving grace) and SO many other really good shows, Young Justice season 3 anyone? For this ONE show just because it followed the Adventure time/ Regular Show/ Gumball/ Teen Titans Go formula of little to no effort and just throwing noise and visuals out to children. Steven Universe is a gem, We bare bears is also decent as it falls more in line with the older stuff, and Gumball has it’s moments. I refuse to give adventure time any effort because of just how lazy it is, Teen Titans Go speaks for itself on just how much of an insult it is to the original Teen Titans(an incredible show cut short, R.I.P.) and right now outside of that Scooby Doo show they have that goes against EVERYTHING that Scooby Doo stood for(Think the live action movie where every subtle bad thing is amplified by 30) not to mention how Scooby Doo is like beating a dead horse at this point, you are hard pressed to find anything other than Teen Titans Go, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, and Adult Swim on the network at all. They aren’t even showing reruns of Steven Universe except for maybe on the weekends. So Yeah, Care to revise your sweeping statement that Cartoons today are better than they ever have been?

  3. It was a WEEEEEEEIRD one.


  4. “Don’t worry, bro. None of this is canon. But this is!”

    The crossover worked out better than I thought it would. It actually had some genuinely funny moments, though that were mostly due more to the Gems’ reaction the strangeness than Uncle Grandpa himself.

  5. Are you guys gonna continue doing these? its been over a month and there is still quite a few episodes left until you catch up. There is five new episodes coming out next week from the 4th to the 9th, so it kinda pushes you back a bit as well. I’m assuming that you will get back to these after disney-cember is over, which makes sense because you put out a new video every day, along with Nostalgia Critic episodes too. The great thing is that this show gets even better the closer you catch up and so many questions are being answered now. I can’t wait to see you catch up, because right now its intense. I also can’t wait to see you guys do the last Gravity Falls episode, and I’m assuming that you will probably do Jessica Jones when you catch up considering that you did Daredevil. Happy watching guys!

  6. I really liked this vlog.

    So when are we getting more?

  7. When are you going to do more vlogs of this show? 🙁

  8. Is there anybody else here in this comment section who also checks everyday?

  9. Just watched it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and some jokes were pretty funny.

  10. I have very mixed feelings about this episode. I actually think the writing is pretty good and has a lot of really good lines. Especially the interactions between Uncle Grandpa and the crystal gems. The big problem is the fucking voice acting. Uncle Grandpa just has a such an incredibly annoying voice. To the point I would argue the episode transcript is funnier than the actual episode.

  11. Ugh. Grandpa Uncle’s voice was kind of annoying. That was hard to get through. I think I smiled once and I laughed hard at the father and brother joke because it reminded me of the NC Luigi Mario thing. One last positive thing: I liked the Ed, Edd, and Eddy reference though. I don’t quite know what I saw but I didn’t like it for the most part. -_-

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