Steven Universe Vlogs: Garnet’s Universe

Steve tells a story of what happened to Garnet…whether it’s true or not.

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  1. I’m losing so much hope!!! I thought they would be really far into the story by now! Please continue!

  2. HA rigjt before good episodes start.

  3. Three weeks and counting. I wonder if fans have actually passed away waiting for more vlogs.

    Damnit, think of all the kids with rare terminal diseases dropping like flies waiting for these!

  4. Please release more Steven Universe Vlogs. You said you’d release more when you got back along with editorials, but it’s been 3 weeks without a steven universe vlog

  5. What got a chuckle out of me was that Ringo was essentially Ronaldo. Steven may be the type who tries to see the good in everything, and even he thinks Ronaldo’s an asshole.

  6. Man, this episode was a chore to get through. The “real part” bookends were fine, but after about two minutes of the story I was so done with it. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch any anime so I don’t get any of the references. Luckily because it’s all just a story Steven made up (and Garnet says it’s not true), it doesn’t damage the canon in anyway, so it makes itself irrelevant.

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