Steven Universe Vlogs: Island Adventure

Steven and his friends get stuck on an island, but the reason why might piss people off.

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  1. That’s what I love about the writing of this show. They don’t fit in a set category, these characters. They feel more real. These people are PEOPLE and make SO many mistakes. This wasn’t a mistake in writing, it was a person making a bad decision. The “rape” later on is another one of these.

  2. See, you two are seeing these characters as characters in a narrative, instead of real people. That’s what the show is trying to do with many of these.

  3. I adore avatar, but those are still mostly characters in a show. In this, they tend to be written more as, well, real people making flawed decisions based on emotions and their own flawed perspectives. There’s going to be many “character” moments, but at the same time this show tries to do something you rarely see on screen; writing people instead of characters. It makes complete since why Sadie did what she did when viewed like that because, as rob points out, real people do theses kids of things, for better and worse. This show isn’t all about a moral. It’s about the story and characters, and those characters very often flow away from being characters. It also helps that you’re often seeing only what Steven sees, things and people from this young boy’s perspective. Most often people with troubles don’t show said troubles to a child. You only see the surface, and when you view these people as people and not characters, it all makes far more sense, overall.

  4. I never liked Lars
    This is one of my least fav episodes
    I do wonder why the Gems did not came for Steven they were there for days
    Anyone can make mistakes especially when there desperate
    There is going to be another episode with them and it will be better

    There is going to be an episode where Steven shoots the Mayor of Beach City

  5. I also really disliked that plot points, it’s the moment where I really started to dislike the Lars X Sadie subplot, I wasn’t that big a fan of it to begin with but at least it was mostly harmless until now, but after this episode I feel that it’s damaged Sadie as a character, which is rather unfortunate since I normally like Sadie.

    Still I will give it this, it does show that they are kind of made for each other, they both make really stupid choices.

    Rest of the episode was fine, it had some decent comedy and a pretty cool action scene, and Steven was really adorable, even more so than usual.

    Next up: ……Ssssorry that information Isssss Classssified.

    • Sadie wasn’t damaged, it showed how flawed she can be, since the only thing we had before was her extreme but justified revenge in Joking Victim. It also showed how even characters with good intentions can do horrible things. If anything, this episode improved Sadie by making her mroe of a real person.

  6. The show’s premise is if fantasy met reality. In fact, Sugar herself stated that Steven is the result of fantasy and reality having an affair. And you say you know couples like Lars and Sadie, then it is supposed to be played seriously because this is what those relationships are like in real life.

  7. I think part of it is also them being teens in a small town. When the dating pool’s limited, sometimes people stay with someone just to not be alone.

  8. Larz has some charm to him. He’s not completely unlikable, and he does of redeeming qualities.

    Also… It’s not supposed to be Funny!!

  9. “Sadie…? Do you ever get lonely…even when you’re around people…?”

    While not one of my favorites, I think Island Adventure is a good episode. It doesn’t seem like the audience was really supposed to agree with what Sadie did.

  10. I hate and love the Lars/Sadie thing because when I was a teenager I was that girl. I would get attached to someone based on all the wrong traits, insist on seeing the good in them and try too hard to make something happen. Manipulating a situation in a misguided attempt to “help” with the major flaws in the person while really it wasn’t for their benefit as much as I was just trying to make that person fit the ideal I built in my head. In the end, a lot of guys (people, really, but for me, guys) will keep hanging around because they like the attention not because they like the person giving the attention. This makes for a terrible non-relationship where one side wants a meaningful relationship but is taking a single-player puzzle approach to getting it, and the other side is wanting to use a person’s attention and affection while not intending to give any back. Neither side intends to be bad, but they’re both still wrong. I kind of like that a show for kids is modeling this sort of dynamic because I think it’s common for teenagers. The thing I’m worried about is if they’ll take it to the proper conclusion or not. In the end, Lars and Sadie can’t and shouldn’t be together. It has to end where Lars can’t keep using Sadie and Sadie can’t keep trying to fix/attain Lars. Odds are, once he’s no longer getting the free attention and favors and once she’s no longer hanging onto a fake image of him she made in her head they probably wouldn’t even stay friends because the entire friendship has an unhealthy foundation. Sadie would be happier forming more natural relationships with people already on her wavelength, and Lars would benefit from being forced to take responsibility for himself (in her desire to ‘help’ Lars, she really just enables his worst traits, long term).

  11. I agree with both of your assessment that that was a total dick move from Sadie, in addition it also just felt like a real cheap resolution of the story. I mean, they’re stuck there for at least days, perhaps weeks, in a life threatening situation and it’s just resolved with, oh I hid it.

    If anything, I thought they were setting up something like the warp pad was the creature, or part of the creature, or something like that, wouldn’t that have made much more sense? But nope, totally unconnected.

    I will say, in the gems’ defense, we don’t know that they weren’t searching for Steven in the mean time. Who knows how many places their warp pad can link to, so it may be that they’ve been searching a lot but just hadn’t gotten to the island yet.

    I dunno, I’m watching these for the first time, so maybe it’s expanded on in a future episode.

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