Steven Universe Vlogs: Keep Beach City Weird

Is it possible? Did we come across a bad episode of Steven Universe?

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  1. Corporate Commander

    Why would you want to make this character redeem himself? He fuckin almost got Steven killed. Put him in a hospital.

  2. Ah Renaldo. I hate Renaldo. You nailed prety much everything wrong with him on the head. The only good thing that come from the character is seeing the events of Steven Universe from another angle on the Keep Beach City Weird blog.

  3. Are you talking about that shitty line about what Pearl said as “clever”? Oh you are going to regret praising that shit Doug and Rob. It comes back in the most hypocritical way with the Gems.

    Believe me. in the long run, these episodes get much and much more shittier and ultimately the series becomes cancer.

  4. this isnt one of my favorites i’ve watched it once and didnt want to watch it again. I like ronaldo more than lars only cause i think lars is horrible. Yeah the line with pearl and amethyst was great

    really excited about the next couple of eps these upcoming eps minus two really made the series for me and been looking forward to you guys reviewing them

  5. Oh God, just wait until Horror Club

  6. I have to say this is probably one of my least favorite episodes. I think Ronaldo gets a little more tolerable later on (or at least giving him less of a spotlight helps).

    Also, I don’t really think the Pearl line was all that deep. She doesn’t outright have a contempt for humans, but she certainly still sees them as lesser beings to a degree. Mostly, the line came off is “oh, silly humans thinking they’re important and raging against forces they’ll never be able to fathom” even though the gems really aren’t much more complex than humans from an emotional standpoint. Bleh.

    Also, yes, Steven Tag needs to come back.

  7. Only two mediocre episodes and one unpleasant episode to slog through before start getting to the meat of this half of the season…

  8. They dont like Lars, they dont like Ronaldo…just wait for the episode with both of them !

  9. On another note:
    Renaldo is like Lumpy space princess.
    Generally unlikeable and annoying but hilarious in very small doses.

  10. There are two thing I want to note that I don’t think have been addressed.

    [ 1. ] Ronaldo does have kind of a special relationship in the show. His blog Keep Beach City Weird is an actual blog online.

    The blog (which I presume is run and written by the crew) is treated like Rolando’s real conspiracy blog. He post about things he has found… and sometimes fake anime reviews. Also QnA!

    The blog post come out right after the episode airs on CN. It usually ties into what happens with Steven and the Gems but Ronaldoized of course. There is a post for most of the episodes.

    The post are funny on there own as a comedy of errors. That knowledge also ties into this episode because it is hilarious to hear him tell Steven all of his theories you saw on the blog and for Steven to respond “No… that was me…”

    However the cute conspiracies become extremely creepy coming out of the actual person. It doesn’t translate well and that is no excuse for the ending (but that is probably why he didn’t learn anything lol)

    [ 2. ] Ronaldo bugged me in this but honestly the Gems bugged me in this too. Pearl’s speech about our meaningless lives kind of struck me as odd coming from the creatures WHO ARE PROTECTING THEM! Now I am caught up so I know there is character progression and revelation of the characters that explain their relationships more but it still felt weird given their job. And while Ronaldo deserved to get his cummupins at the end did they really have to beat on him as much as they did? Most people in the town know he is harmless or at least not a fighter. So I guess what bothers me about this episode most is the Gems don’t seem to care about the small number of people they are protecting with their lives (at this point); at least enough to learn that Ronaldo is a weakling.

  11. This is one of the show’s weaker episodes, but I do like it more than you two, the main reason for that is because I did think Ronaldo was kind of entertaining, pretty unlikeable but entertaining, the other reason is that this episode does come back in a big way, but also one you would never expect.

    I also didn’t dislike the ending as much as you two do, yes Ronaldo did kidnap Steven but in his defence he thought Steven was a Snake person, and before you argue that ‘How did he not see it was a costume,’ I would like to remind you this is the same city were nobody cares about the monster fighting alien amazons living on the beach in a giant temple, it’s pretty clear to me that beach city’s chief export is apathy and stupidity.

    I have mixed feelings about pearl’s line, she’s not wrong especially regarding Ronaldo and other like-minded conspiracy theorists, but it does make her seem rather bigoted towards humans, which to be fair she pretty much is.

    Next up: Another fusion episode, now with more WACKY HIJINKS!!!

  12. I don’t think this has been posted yet (beware, spoilers for later in the series)

  13. This guy will get better but he will always have conspiracies
    He is not evil or troublesome he is just like every conspiracies person
    Steven ball is fun

    On the internet the blog is real you should go there

  14. Oh you guys are going to have a riot with Beach City Horror Club.

    I didn’t like this episode either and Ronaldo is one of my least favorite characters. The interesting thing about this show, though, is that I think it reeeeally digs into the flaws of a lot of characters. Some characters you’re going to like right away, and others might grow on you, and some might just stay annoying to you forever. But I guess they try not to be mean-spirited no matter who it is?? (though they can make mistakes, re: joking victim) Or at least give them a chance? Because I’m pretty sure all of the characters have their own arcs, and this is one of those set-up episodes for this particular character. Not really fun but I guess necessary to show just how bat-shit crazy this guy is :/
    Also I’m not sure if this is the kind of show where you can look for a moral in every episode. I mean this one kind of had one, but a lot of episodes are just stories. There’s stuff to take away from it but not a big overarching moral for the episode.

  15. from what I gathered the general consensus is that this is a bad episode, mostly about how the source of drama is that this internet blogger is sympathetic because he’s not the pretty little snowflake he thought he was.

  16. The, Ronaldo, the.
    Report potential snersons,
    Hollow out the Earth.

    This is the only episode of the show I actively dislike. I gave “Island Adventure” a pass without much of a problem, but Ronaldo is a sticking point I can’t get past. Every character on the show is quite likable, or at least given some redeeming qualities. Even Lars proved he can be cool with Steven when push comes to shove. They seemed to be going towards some kind of positive character growth by the end of the episode, but as note they promptly backpedaled on that. Not to mention Ronaldo Jack Bauer-ing Steven is a wide departure from the show’s usual good-natured sense of humor. The whole episode felt like a huge tonal departure from the show’s core ethos, and I can’t say I liked the results. Ronaldo gets a few more spotlight episodes, but they’re not nearly as bad as this one.

  17. Huh, I always liked Ronaldo cause of the blog

  18. Without delving into spoiler territory, are you telling me that he’s wrong in saying that sentient, polymorphic rocks exist and are causing weird things in Beach City? Because he seems right on the nose to me.

  19. Thank you, I hate Ronaldo. I think he’s annoying and stupid and he’s a bad influence on Steven. I like Lars to a certain extent but Ronaldo is useless. I think he’s a terrible character.

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