Stitch! The Movie – Disneycember

The evil Hamsterwheel wants to capture Stitch’s cousins, can our team of misfits stop him? Doug takes a look at Stitch! The Movie.

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  1. I loved this movie and the TV show as a kid. It doesn’t hold up as well as I would have hoped, but I still enjoy it.

  2. Is it really spelled with a wh? I thought it was Hämsterviel. You know, actual German.

  3. Yeah, the TV Show was basically about Lilo and Stitch trying to capture all the missing experiments and occasionally abusing the powers of said experiments because kids take advantage of superpowers, why not? :P. I loved the series as a kid, but I never really watched the movie. Maybe I’ll watch it if it pops up on Netflix or something.

  4. Yes! I used to love the Lilo and Stitch show. Yeah, it was like Pokemon except with aliens. Gotta catch em all.

  5. I know you probably don’t read the comments but just in case-

    I know no harm was meant but just fyi the term ‘transvestite’ is becoming an old fashioned word and many people find it to be a derogatory term. Cross dresser would be a better term to use.

    Enjoying the videos, thanks!

    • Really? We have to try not to offend cross dressers now? Maybe political correctness *is* spiraling out of control!

      Honestly, I thought that Pleakley (that’s the alien character’s name) was gay. In any case, I liked that the character was voiced by Kevin McDonald of The Kids In the Hall, and Lilo & Stitch: The Series gets some props for reuiniting the cast of KITH for one episode where the other Kids voice Pleakley’s family (Scott Thompson as Pleakley’s mom, Bruce McCullogh as his sister and Mark McKinney as his brother, plus a minister, voiced by Dave Foley).

      • We might never know Pleakley’s true sexual identity, I mean he might be gay/bi or pansexual, or he might not even have any preference at all, or heck for all we know he may just as well be straight but just likes to crossdress; but in either case he’s definitely one of my faves. ^^

  6. Cinnamon Scudworth

    You’re right; Nani and Lilo were very flat in the TV series. There was none of the great, quirky relationship they had in the movie. It could have been a much better show in my opinion if the staff hadn’t gone the “lazy Pokemon clone” route.

    • Not exactly, there were actually some episodes that did explore more of the sisters, especially one that shows how they cope with the loss of their parents even long after they passed away.

  7. Yeah, “Pokemon” reference! Anyway, I never watched the show. It seems like this was just okay. That’s good enough for most people. I am at least somewhat familiar with the other experiments. It looks alright.

    • I liked Lilo & Stitch: the Series when I was a kid. Maybe, I should pick up the 4 official compact box sets that were only released in Japan to relieve my childhood.

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