Stop Making Sense – Live on Film

One of the defining concert films of all time, we look at it to ask if it’s really as good as people claim? The Talking Heads concert “Stop Making Sense”, 1984.

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  1. You forgot to mention that this was directed by Jonathan Demme, so of course it’s a real movie, and a damn fine one.

    I saw it in the theater, and the house was full and everyone was up and dancing throughout.

    • There’s a LOT I didn’t mention. Like the band basically funded the making of this film, the use of neutral colors, the full origin of HOW Demme wanted to make the film, the band’s involvement, and how Goldie Hawn was involved… I wanted to keep this short and sweet, and get more people to watch this film. But you are right, it’s a damn fine film.

  2. Such an innovative and energetic band with the genius of David Byrne at the helm. They went from the days of punk to new wave to alternative rock without ever being constrained or defined by the genre of the day.

  3. Remember when people wore suits that were like 5 sizes too big? I seem to remember that being a thing.

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