Stop Motion Nostalgia-Ween – Awesome Build

In this weeks episode, see what went into the making of the stop motion animation opening for Nostalgia-Ween.

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  1. This is my favorite video of yours. Why aren’t these more popular? It’s weird for you to look back on something so old. Wait, was this video made years ago? If not, these figures have really held up! I love your voice too.

  2. You also do stop motion? O.O Woah, why do you have so much talent? LOL.

  3. I LOVE stop motion. It’s amazing the things that can be done and the images that can be made. Am a big fan of Laika and would love to see more done right here on Channel Awesome; It’s great to see the wonderful work done on different budgets. The Halloween intro is fantastic and I’m happy to see the pride and imagination that went into this short.

  4. Brilliant stuff Jim! (bonus points for the Harryhausen shirt)

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