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We’re definitely watching it… we’re just not impressed by it.

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  1. Spawn is my favorite early Image comic book but I must admit that Stormwatch didn’t look that bad. Lot better than anything that Rob Liefeld did back then but then again that par is really low.

    Vyce’s focus on his goal gave him tunnel vision and that was his undoing. Linkara however was able to think outside the box and figure out how to defeat Vyce by being smarter.

  2. I guess it was for the best but I still think this was not the right way to end Vyce’s story.

    I thought the Pet the Dog moments you gave him in this arc were setting up his redemption. you didn’t really give pet the dog moments to your other villains that you killed off. well, you did once with the Entity but Linkara felt massive pity for it in the last video and the only person to mourn for Vyce was told to shut up and another character hopes he’s burning in Hell.

    despite what Harvy said, Vice didn’t enjoy conquering and killing or see it as the goal in and of itself like Hitler.

    I guess my problem with this stems from the fact that a big part of my moral fiber as a kid and still as an adult was formed by the original Funimation portrayal of Goku in Dragon Ball Z. that only villains that are pure evil and have no good in them like Frieza(or in your show’s case, Mechakara) should be looked at with contempt and any other villain, even mass murders, should be given infinite chance to change their ways as long as they have even the tiniest bit of good in them

    • I would say once someone won’t stop trying to kill the universe, that’s a pretty good reason to off them. There’s more than one way to be a monster most aren’t laughing cartoon sadists. Though I agree the ending was dramatically flat and didn’t play off his new development. But then, he flew into a portal. That’s basically giant space tupperware labeled “those-who-hunt-dragons drama loose ends.”

      • maybe he could have chosen to kill himself as an act of atonement.

        and like I said further down, there’s a difference between evil actions and an evil person. to me the “laughing cartoon sadists” are the only real monsters in fiction.

  3. “One of these days he is going to be half-way finished with a review, and we’ve already saved the world without him.”

    I am surprised that Linkara’s crew haven’t done that already.

  4. If it wasn’t for Vyce, Linkara would have still been possessed and Comicron-1 would have remained kaput. 90’s Kid is certainly wise beyond his years as of late, and still feeling remorse for Vyce’s fall, especially considering his own backstory, despite the callous greateousness of Linkara’s other colleagues.

    • yeah, those moments of humanity from Vyce are now pointless. and Harvey and Linksano were assholes here.

      not trying to be meanI think the problem is Lewis doesn’t take into consideration that there is a difference between an evil action and an evil person wile writing his villains. same problem I had with Holokara.

  5. I’m hoping that the Australian guy had a character arc in the rest of Stormwatch that made him less of a douchebag as the series progresses. Finally, (SPOILER) R.I.P. Vyce.

  6. also, maybe the character of Linkara should have included actually causing Vyce’s death as a reason why he may have been becoming a villain again. I thought he really liked Superman, a guy who wouldn’t even kill in self defense.

  7. Yes, Linkara, I HAVE been noticing a few delays in episode releases, because A. You’ve been fighting the Entity again, and B. You’re also working on Brad Jones’ disco movie.

    I also have an idea of a UN sponsored organization made to stop global crises before they escalate, but nothing about anger management issues.

    9:46- “You dirty rat! You are the guy that shot my brother, and I’m the guy who’s gonna shoot you!”

    I’ll stick with the 3 Laws of Robotics, thank you very much.

    At least we’re not seeing Troll from Youngblood taking a shower this time, thank Christ.

    At least this early Image comic has a bit of a story in it, which is more than we can say about crap like Youngblood.

    Good thing Jaris gave you back the portable emitter in order for that trap to be sprung. BTW, nice to have ya back, 90s Dude.

  8. Two years with this storyline? That’s impressive! So it’s really finally done? Okay, I appreciate the review. A guy named Marco? I wasn’t paying much attention to the actual comic.

  9. 10:36 Weatherman is the fat teenage superhero from “Hero High”, that other cartoon you had to watch first before they would show a Captain Marvel (SHAZAM) cartoon back in the 1970’s. Boy, that takes me back.
    16:48 Either that or it’s a Phil Collins concert.

  10. Does anyone else think that the ridges on Vice’s helmet look like kitty-cat ears?

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