Stranger Things: Season 1 Review – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Stranger Things Season 1.

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  1. The show is only 8 episodes and is VERY binge-able. I did it, and from what I have read a lot of people have binged it. The episodes do hook you and you can’t wait to start the next one. Yes there are a good number of cliches, but there is one with the teenage boy and girl that doesn’t play out exactly cliched.

  2. lilith_ascennding

    Damn good series. The acting and music was incredible. I was especially impressed with Winona Ryder (who very easily gave her pinnacle performance in this show) and the child actors in this show. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. It’s in my Top 3 favorites now alongside Twin Peaks and Gravity Falls. Season 2 can’t come fast enough!

  3. I don’t have Netflix but someone at my job mentioned this show recently. Not every kid cusses though but maybe that’s just some of my friends and I.

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