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Josh talks about the supposed barebones release of Street Fighter V. Is it really that bad? Can you still enjoy the game like the days when you played on the couch with your friends?

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I’m listed as “Rocked” if you want to fight online. I started with Ken but am now fighting with Vega.


Agreed. I will wait to buy it untill it’s finished.

Great vlog, Josh. Although in all honesty, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the game as much as you have. Capcom thinks that the demographic that plays Street Fighter are the hardcore tournament people who play these games 24/7 and not us “filthy casuals” who enjoy playing on the couch with friends. I enjoyed your episode on the Tuesday BGP show about this game because it was you guys playing on the couch and not playing online with people you don’t even know. My girlfriend and I stopped playing after finishing up everyone’s “story” mode, aka low budget cheap drawings mode… Read more »

It’s good that you got a progressive attitude about this, since pretty soon all the March DLC is gonna make most of the major criticisms completely anachronistic.

On the note of couch-versus, I gotta say I’m jealous. I haven’t really been able to round up anyone in my neighborhood that wants to play that kind of local multiplayer. I hope I’ll have better luck when I move in June.

Of all the problems of this game, why do people go on about Arcade Mode being the biggest? Really, arcade mode, AKA, the most basic dull mode you play through maybe once, until you unlocked all the characters or once with each character and then never touch again? Can we have more concerns over bigger issues, like the lack of a good tutorial mode to teach people how to play (being retified in March, but should have been in launch) the online servers basically being on fire at launch(they are getting better, but still aren’t perfect yet, netcode is great… Read more »