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Charts and radio stations be damned! RC reviews a “rock” song.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah I would consider myself a young adult(well I’m 17 years old but I’m seriously wanna be called a young adult) and I definitely love thissong and can listen for it to remind me what adulthood will be like. I definitely saw when I saw that you we’re reviewing this song I was curious why but thank forgot about the ra0ping part in it(so that’s why)!!! Still you should definitely review mre songs from other genres (just not the taylor swift kind though ewwww)!!!!!

  2. Absolutely great commentary and analysis. I think you pretty much detailed exactly what this song is saying and I agree that the wordplay is very clever.

    Now, let me toss a glass of cold water on it from a rock fan’s perspective.

    This song unfortunately epitomizes some of the issues I have with much music going all the way back to the post-grunge era, in that it’s very self-indulgent and focused on teenage issues presented with a heavy dose of first world problem angst. (if they aren’t bland and generic rock by numbers like Nickelback)

    I miss rock/alternative songs songs about bigger things, and things that exist outside of ourselves, tell stories about life in a broader sense, politics, human nature, or chronicle the struggles of an archetypal character.

    Still, the wordplay and the verses are good, the bridge is good, but the chorus feels very weak from a rock fan’s perspective…that’s usually when the song hits an emotional hook, but here it sounds more like a hurried exposition dump.

    • This is where I’m caught in the middle. The chorus catches me, I do hear talent and clever wordplay, and I can acknowledge a good song. Focused solely on itself and it’s point, it’s excellent.

      Buuuuut, incorporating it into the rest of my psyche, it’s also the same for me as Chicken Puppet: some negative-rising responses to “yet more” a self-indulgent, first-world angsty something something I’ve already heard a lot of, where I DO want to hear rock songs of aiming toward broader issues, mature/adult human wisdom, and cultural, archetypal strengths.

      I went through this phase, I found a way to balance “gots tah pay the bills!” and embracing my own passion, but it wasn’t easy: I had to work hard for 15 years and spend 10 of them working on my passion on the side and learning more what I can and can’t do. I’m also not finished; I know what I can do next, that I couldn’t do 5 years ago, and wouldn’t be doing today if I had ever given up on my dream.

      Being an adult is what the real children need to have a good childhood passed on to them: you never stop aiming for the kind of world it could be, but never lose track of what it actually is.

      • Chicken Puppet

        Some good responses in there.

        I think some of the lyrical content and tone in rock and pop over the last decade and a half has just been marketing to demographics with some disposable income that gets spent on new music.

        That means teens: Teens feel like they’re up against a world that doesn’t understand them, seek an identity, and are highly self-conscious.

        We never really got a middle and working class economic recovery, so music is made for the demographics that are willing to part with the most money for it.

    • I’m not a teenager but I am a naturally inward focused person, so I do tend to like a lot of music like that. That said, I would like to see more rock songs based on other things as well.

  3. Iggy Azalea has a new song?! Ooh! ^.^ Bring on the hate comments. Also, twenty one pilots isn’t rock? I had no idea. I’ve never heard this song fully. Oh, and I like adulthood better now than I did with childhood. Then again, my childhood was pretty bad so maybe that’s why.

  4. Man we went into the deep cuts and the deep feels on this one… Yeah, this song certainly seems fun and like it has something of genuine worth to say.

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