Stuckmann’s 4th Annual Halloween Special

Join Chris Stuckmann and Sam Liz on a trip to a beautiful cabin in the backwoods of Tennessee. Here they will discuss horror films that feature cabins in the woods… but will they make it out alive?

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  1. The hilarious thing about “Wrong Turn” and it not being a “food movie” is the first time I saw it was while eating dinner with a homestay family during my study abroad trip in college. I was staying with a tribal family in Matiyani, South Africa and they had a few movies that they would watch on TV from time to time. One of them was Wrong Turn and that was the film that the family decided to watch with me and the three other girls from my class who were staying there. So we ate our dinner and watched redneck mutants kill people in brutally graphic ways. Kudos to the gore effects, they are very realistic (and my stomach did not appreciate that at all :p). I have a more pleasant experience with Cabin in the Woods in that I watched it for the first time with the Paranormal Club I was a part of in college. I’m not one for slasher films/gory films in general, but I loved Cabin in the Woods and how it was basically a deconstruction of the horror genre. That, and the death by unicorn scene is the funniest death I have ever watched in movies and I still laugh my ass off at that scene. Also, holy shit, that cabin is beautiful! I really want to go there now. I can always pack a shotgun or something if any redneck zombies or werewolves try to kill me lol 😛

  2. I remember seeing Secret Window as a kid. It was super scary to me. Besides that, I don’t like horror movies so I’ve never seen Dog Soliders, Evil Dead 2, Wrong Turn, Pumpkinhead, and Cabin in the Woods. Also, I LOVE LOVE Sam’s hair. <3 One last thing: I didn’t expect that ending (SPOILER) not finishing the movie reviews.

  3. I used to like your videos but i guess all good things must come to an end.

  4. Great Halloween special as always Chris and Sam along with a lot of good movie choices.

  5. More scenes of the wife in PJ’s please…

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