Stuff You Like: Avengers Assemble

Oh Marvel, sometimes you do it right. This is one of those times. Ursa reviews Avengers Assemble, with the minimum amount of squee possible. Includes: spoilers, a plot summary, and her favourite things about a) this film and b) superhero films in general. Theres a lot to cram in, so hold on tight.

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  1. Fist post on avenger video yeeeeessssss
    What to say
    Collision liiiiives
    Thor vs the captain
    Ciiiiiivil waaaaar
    Thaaanooos (I though he was super skrull but this was better)
    Sorry no voted
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvveeeeeennnnnggggggeeeerrrrssss(avengers) yyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaassssssssss(yas)

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