Stuff You Like: Bad Science

BOOKS! Or to be precise, pop science on epidemiology and evidence-based medicine that’s fun, accessible, hilarious…and occasionally really scary.

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  1. Nearly a third of the side ads on TGWTG are for clearly sketchy “remedies” to stuff like weight gain. Luckily I’ve always had a very keen awareness for bullshit in advertisement since I was a little kid. That stuff about Rath is really disturbing, especially since he’s STILL at large and “practicing” his crooked form of pharmacy. I have an urge to hunt him down and do very bad things to him with a large knife.

    • Unfortunately, sites have little control over the ads they run.

      It’s why I’m a little more accepting of ads in podcasts. In the ones I listen to, at least, the people seem to actually support the products.

  2. Well, I’ll tell you one thing, I rather learn about epidemiology than biology. 😀

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Ill read the whole book since its humorous and I like the diary of a wimpy kid. But him dropping the case was a good idea cause they dont have vitamins for HIV in Africa and its sad there’s no medicine there to treat the patients for it.

  4. Yikes… that is quite distressing that snake-oil salesman like that can get away with scaring people away from conventional medicine they desperately need and onto their bullshit.

    I commend the author of the piece you recommended for opposing that sort of charlatanism.

  5. this subject is even scarier when you are sick. Like oh my god, the percent of medication I get prescribed for off label uses. Some of which have been sued because they are being used like this when there is little to no evidence of them working off label. And lost. And the doctors are STILL pushing it on me.

    Honestly the placebo effect always confuses me. Does it rely on you trusting the medicine will do something positive? Because half of the non-placebo meds I get put on don’t work so I basically never expect it to work. If anything I am expecting it to make me sicker because even the ones that do work tend to do that.

    I wish you could actually have more control over your own treatment. Like you can choose to take vitamins instead of medicine if you want but if your doctor believes the bad science then you can’t get the real treatment until you find a better one. Which if you have something wrong that has very few specialists is not always an option.

    I am forced to invent my own crappy treatment half the time and it’s really frustrating.

  6. ClassicWargamer

    This is definitely one of my favourite books. That is all.

  7. Some countries do have medical studies or health care in primary school. Where I live, we talk about all those things you listed in the start of the episode except placebo and nocebo in health care classes.

  8. I admit that I have a very small collection of books because I’m not that fond of reading (if I do, it’ll be journal articles or stuff online), but this is one of the few in it because it’s just that good a book. Definitely was helpful in my degree studies.

  9. Engineering girls are so awesome. Why should have more.

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