Stuff You Like: Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Ursa had to watch Hulk and The Incredible Hulk for this. She wishes you to know of her sacrifice. She still loves Mark Ruffalos Bruce, though.

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  1. First post
    The avenger cartoon did better then the first movies it had hulk and banner were different people and it show the sharing the same body in fact hulk was shown to be come a hero because banner made the unspoken choice he choose to give up he time as banner if hulk would be a hero I mean later hulk lets him out once a month but it’s like say cap agreeing to let the Asgardian goddess of death have your soul if you die in battle to help save the day oh season 1s ending spoilers

  2. WAIT!!!!!
    Uncontrollable power controlled by emotions Disneys Elsa a hulk rip off the only diffence in gender
    Diiiiisneeeeeey (raaaaaage)
    Man frozen sucks

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