Stuff You Like: Frozen

In this episode: princesses, knights and queens, Linkara, Jackula, and some of the reasons Frozen was so insanely popular. Also Ursa breaks into song. Because how else would you expect her to celebrate her 100th episode?

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  1. Recently this film has been quite a it of unfair flack. In my eye, it can stand among Disney’s best, I think it’s a great film that is well deserving of it’s success.

  2. Have you seen Anna conformed to the crowd at the party
    Elsa only lets her flag fly by herself but swiftly conforms to the crowd
    Anna “takes” responsibility only to blame Elsa
    The whole be living that the kingdom dose not work with the whole Elsa being a suicide story
    I’m pretty sure if Elsa wasn’t forced to confront the repulsion of her being her self
    You can’t tell me you didn’t like Hans everyone was so post to so the twist of stupidity would work

  3. Try major plot holes here my top three
    Elsa’s power born with…is she a muntant… If so marvel make here a boss and have her fight the x men
    ( it like having storm, iceman, and kitty prye in one body vs magneto) plus the power to freeze anyone with one brain shot that like omega level( storm/ magneto)
    Next parent never teach Elsa on her powers and the trolls know the theat level and never check in three way fail
    Nail in the coffin :Hanse’s plan:1: the crown would have gone next of kin not to him/
    why did he save Elsa if he thought killing her would save the kingdom I dare not to try and spell it wouldn’t have been on the henchmen so if he really wanted to look good he could have kick the duck of whatever out
    ( psst the death of Elsa also problem makes Anna suicideal kinda like Elsa when he thought Anna was dead; she gave Hans the sword seriously he didn’t have it when he approached she the like” magic” it appeared).

  4. If Elsa did give Hans the sword that would explain the sword explosion that didn’t kill anyone.

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