Stuff You Like: Hogfather

The Discworld! Terry Pratchett! Sky One! A miniseries that is (mostly) gorgeous, main characters who are (mostly) brilliant, and a three hour miniseries that should have been shorter.

But still, Death is in it. And he’s wonderful. Also we talk about hero/villain shipping.

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  1. Thief Of Time is fantastic. Everyone, go read it now.

  2. I would love to see an adaptation of any of the Ankh Morpork City Watch books.

  3. CheesecakeSeptember

    I was tempted to watch this one since I was such a fan of the Going Postal Mini-Series (despite never reading/watching any Diskworld media before that) but I had no idea what it was about and didn’t really bother to look for a copy. Although, what you described and showed definitely looks interesting. I’m going to have to locate a copy to watch now. I also need to start reading the books since I’ve been meaning to for a long time anyway.

    • The books are great. They are easy to read even if you’re not into books in general, but also have a great deal of nuances and countless little nods and references that can make going through them again an enjoyable experience in itself.

      I recommend that you start from Mort and proceed from there chronologically; the books before that are more like straight-up fantasy parodies with very little depth or substance in themselves, but starting from Mort they develop into this great mixture of satire and drama that makes them quite unique in the fantasy genre.

  4. Eh, I actually don’t like the newer books – I know that I sound like a conservative old fart, but I think they REALLY went downhill on anything involving the Goblin race (or the Retcon race, as I call them). Snuff was awful with an overpowered, steam-roller Vimes, whereas Raising Steam did it again with trains. The villains especially went downhill – in both Unseen Academicals and Snuff, the villain is talked up a lot about how evil they are, but don’t actually do much. The villains of Steam are barely worth mentioning, being obvious clones of religious fanatics with nothing unique or interesting about them. And the goblins themselves? Kind of okay, since they have a culture and all, but their adeptness at mechanics in Steam made them feel way too much like dwarfs v.2.

  5. Wow, are we on the same page or what? I just finished reading the book for Christmas. AND I just watched this miniseries. Well… I guess we’re not 100% on the same page as I didn’t have the issues with pacing you had.
    I’m a pretty big Terry Pratchett fan so I gushed over this review. I’ve seen all the miniseries based on his books and they were enjoyable… but not as much as the books. The problem is that Terry Pratchett really writes his humor for the page. Going Postal – for example – is one of my favorite Terry Pratchett books because of how funny it is, but I found the movie okay.

  6. Are you saying Character Shifting, Character Shipping? I have no idea what that is.

  7. On other note I think the 1st half is the better half.

    Why do characters in the miniseries keep mispronouncing Teatime’s name when they haven’t seen it spelled out? It sounds more like tee-ah-tor-may when he says it. That sounds nothing like what they think it does.

  8. This is the first episode of your show I’ve seen, and I’m gonna look for more. Have you gone over “The Color of Magic” yet? And if not, could you? Please?

  9. I’ve never heard of this before. It sounds and looks interesting. Also, I learn so much from your videos sometimes!

  10. Film and TV have spent decades trying to persuade us of that old saw told to little girls – He’s only teasing you because he likes you – related to that other old saw told to little boys – Bullies are cowards inside and all you have to do is stand up to them – Both of which are utter rubbish!
    This has culminated in today’s media as the idea that any two people of the opposite sex who cannot stand each other will inevitably end up together!
    Joss Whedon’s Buffy and Angel {and to a lesser extent Firefly/Serenity} are majorly inflicted with this disease!

    I just want to know why you spent so much of this review talking about this sickness rather than about the actual adaptation!
    Like all the Pratchett adaptations…From the Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music cartoons…Through the Johnny and the Bomb/Johnny and the Dead childrens TV serials…Up to Sky’s Going Postal and Colour of Magic/Light Fantastic two parters. The Hogfather suffers from the fact that Pratchett’s humour heavily entails out of character asides, descriptions and footnotes!

    The Colour of Magic was by far the worst adaptation as it tore the books to shreds, Going Postal added an atrocious made for TV ending.
    The Hogfather is actually the best adaptation of a Pratchett novel yet – Though it too has issues.

    As for reading order – Most of the Discworld novels can be partitioned into subsets:


    Colour of Magic
    The Light Fantastic
    Interesting Times
    The Last Continent
    The Last Hero
    Unseen Academicals

    Granny Weatherwax

    Equal Rites
    Wyrd Sisters
    Witches Abroad
    Lords and Ladies {my personal favourite Pratchett novel!}
    Carpe Jugulum
    The Wee Free Men
    A Hat Full of Sky
    I Shall Wear Midnight


    Reaper Man
    Soul Music
    Thief of Time

    Samuel Vimes

    Guards Guards
    Men At Arms
    Feet of Clay
    The Fifth Elephant
    Night Watch
    Monstrous Regiment

    Moist Von Lipwig

    The Truth {Moist plays no part in this novel but it sets up the new Ankh Morpork scenario}
    Going Postal
    Making Money
    Raising Steam

    The Rest {Can be read in any order}

    Moving Pictures {can be fitted in after Eric if following the Unseen University storyline rather than just Rincewind}
    Small Gods {may be best read prior to Carpe Jugulum but not necessary}.
    The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents

  11. The Hogfather is an amazing movie i liked it sins i first saw it
    I never shipped them

  12. What the is this shit?

  13. Whatever it’s never be successful and should not be ever or even exist from the first several seconds.

  14. What the fuck are you talking about?

  15. Seems like the most stupidest confusing fantasy-related novel I ever heard.

  16. I was not even aware there was Susan/Teatime shipping out there.
    Seems kind of silly and disturbing, really. Then again, I have seen sillier, not to mention far, far more disturbing.

  17. I had never read any of the books and have a bit more patience for long movies so I liked the beginning. For me, I think it helped to have the slower pace at the beginning and I was not bored looking at my watch at any time. Every time a new character was introduced I felt I had time to get to know them or at least what was important to know at the time. Over all, the movie was long but I was not bored and I enjoyed it.

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