Stuff You Like: How Much Money I Make in Online Video

How much money have I made on YouTube? How much have I made on Blip? What about Patreon? Graphs! Spreadsheets! Exact numbers! Whee!

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  1. Insightful video, Jill.

    I don’t make videos, so I have no interest in making my living with them, but I do watch with ads on to support my favorite producers.

    Hopefully your spot here on Channel Awesome will increase your cash flow a bit.

  2. Neat. Very informative. Sad to hear that Plus Points wasn’t that popular. I loved it, and I’m the least religious person out there. Anyway, glad to know that things are looking up for you. 😀

  3. That was insightful. and this was the first video of yours that I have seen. Now to look through your archives.

  4. You shouldn’t have to sign an NDA if you participate in a brand deal or something similar, in fact doing so is illegal. I don’t believe you have to report how much you earn from it, so that could be NDA’d, but failing to disclose that a video was made for a paid promotion of any kind is illegal.

    • Yeah I was just about to say this, Totalbiscuit have made a few videoes talking about this stuff, he made one 30 min. video about when there was that whole thing about Microsoft paying people off to say good stuff about the XboX One, and he told in great detail about how the entire system worked, and that he was actually happy when the law made so that you HAD to disclose if you were taking money from the dev to make a video, since that made it so much easier for him to actually do it, just write a line in the description saying “Hey, SOE is paying me to play “x” game” or you can go all out with it like Jesse Cox did, he made a series called “Jesse sells out” both bto make it obvious that it’s a branddeal video, and also to poke fun at the people accusing him of having sold out before xD

  5. Very interesting video – thanks for that.
    I hope you will get many more subscribers, because I like your videos and the way you present them.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. According to the terms of service on Youtube, you are not supposed to say how much you make through adsense. So be careful.

  7. It is AWESOME that you made this video.

    I have always wanted to know the details of all this stuff.

    • …Also, I don’t mean this as an insult, but MOTHER OF GOD, I just realized that you look exactly like a female version of me.

      Seriously. It’s creeping me out. Your face is like the same as mine, only with red hair.

      This is so weird.

  8. Thanks for posting this video. I’ve been really curious about this subject since seeing some people on this site do videos as their main source of income. Sadly, me petting cats and drinking a 40 wouldn’t be worth the cost of a video camera and based on your information I wouldn’t get the cost of a video camera back from ads. Sorry world. Maybe shoplifting will help me bring my vision to the people.

  9. The Second Opinion

    As a guy recently hired for a part time job as a reviewer in a YouTube partnership, I want to say a sincere thank you for this video. It’s exactly the kind of thing I should be watching.

  10. I never knew what your real name was. But I now know that you’re a Disney Princess so that’s cool. Your current monthly income sounds really good actually.

  11. Very insightful. Now I know what to expect when trying for a career in online videos. Just like fine wine, it takes time to for it to mature and become something great.

  12. You have tremendous TREMENDOUS balls to post a video like this! (Although,you are definitely a woman) 🙂 It’s so great someone actually comes out of the closet and gives us HARD NUMBERS on what they make,doing a job so many of us would love to do! Thank you thank you thank you, and I wish you the best in making this your ‘real job”.

    • I think there is a sense amoung reviewers that if they tell people how much they make it will make the fans either resent them and/or not want to donate or buy schwag. I hate to say it, but they are probably right 🙁

      However making $1,700 in something like 4 years is just a pittance given how much time and effort goes into making edited content. Anyone who gets buthurt over internet reviewers trying to make money needs to reassess their world view. Yes in many cases people are now using the internet to get a few bucks back for something they would have otherwise done for fun and in those same cases just having others appreciate your work is probably worth more, but I’m not going to resent anyone for at least trying to cover their costs.

  13. Hmm… so the takeaway from this seems to be: “screw ads and the pittance that blip or Youtube with give you for them, go for Patreon”

    I guess they’re a nice little bonus if you have enough monetised views, but they just seem like a less viable business model, overly reliant on an annoyance tactic on behalf of a third party.

    Rather than people martyring themselves on the “sacrifice” of enduring ads for someone’s work and holding the supposed moral high ground, just contribute whatever you can to their Patreon directly.

  14. Her numbers are actually *really* low. I know other people that make something more akin 4$ CPM.

    On average you can assume for every 100,000 views the youtuber probably made anywhere from 25 to 100 dollars.

    I don’t know if she has a really bad partner company who doesn’t supply them with decent ad’s or if that is averaging out with Blip’s and Blip’s ad rev is really really low. I know back in the day when TGWTG first started the CPM for them was 8-14 dollars depending on the ad campagin, month, etc. This is why a lot of people really wanted to jump on Blip, because Youtube at the time had low CPM.

    CPM for Youtube varies depending on the month, if you see less content in January its because Jan and Feb are terrible CPM. If you see an increase of content in October to December its because the Christmas rush of adds make ad rev go through the roof.

  15. Thank you so much for talking about this. The economics of online video have interested me for some time and I have actually done some experiments in the area.

    I’m also a YouTube partner with the difference being that instead of “produced” content I just point my camera at trains and transit vehicles and upload it with minimal editing. Because my videos aren’t really “shows” per se, I don’t feel right using pre-roll ads so I only use overlay ads and end roll ads, which Youtube allows on videos that are over 10 minutes.

    Since I turned on Monetization in summer 2013 (there was a grey area in which I had it enabled, but didn’t have an ad sense account) I have made about $300 on 400,000 views. However because a good 1/4 to 1/3 of my views are not monetized I am fairly close to the $1 CPM you cited.

    I am very surprised that our rates are so close seeing that I do not use pre-roll ads. Personally I have found them to be rather viewer-unfriendly so I wanted to see how much a difference eschewing them would make to ad revenue.

    I’ve always felt that the Kickstart/Patreon/Merchandise sales method was going to be more successful for creators in this field as opposed to ad revenue. When someone like myself who just has a camera, a high speed internet connection and minimal editing is supplying content to the same market you are, it’s going to put downward pressure on ad rates, especially after YouTube needs to pay its own bills to stream all the content around the world. What myself and my videos do NOT do is create a strong connection with an audience base that will then choose to fund your future work.

    Anyway thanks for the information. It is very helpful.

  16. Wow. I’ve known for a while that paying a penny per video would give you more money than watching ads, but I had no idea I would be paying nearly 6 times the going rate.

    This is why the whining about adblock always bugged me. Sitting through the annoyance of ads is not worth giving 1/6 a cent to someone I support. My time is worth more than that.

  17. FilmBrainsGoldfish

    Get ready for YT/Maker/CA/etc. to start cracking down on Patreon.
    Because they don’t get any of that Patreon money.
    It’s a way for video producers to get paid directly, which is not part of the business plan of these hosts.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them crack down on sponsorships in the videos either, because it’s another way around the hosts’ ad system.

    • Channel Awesome already has it worked out with their producers how much they can promote their Patreon, and have never had an issue with the producers having them. CA still gets the same amount of money from hosting their content, regardless of whether they use Patreon or not.

  18. Forget about the money, forget about finance. You are heard by thousends from all over the world. You get to meet with people. People get to meet you. Your ideas are not simple thouths or just random sketch anymore. Isn’t it satisfying?

  19. Satisfying, sure. But unless those people you’re meeting are buying your meals and paying your rent, no, it isn’t enough.

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