Stuff You Like: Iron Man 3

Tony Stark: Not just Iron Man any more. In this episode, Sursum Ursa discusses the crumbling of Tony’s hypermasculine ideal to reveal someone who’s actually…kind of great.

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  1. Totally agree with you about the character development. It’s often what makes a movie for me. I love Tony Stark flying round and being witty and snarky and marvellous, but one of the things that I appreciated about IM3 was the honest attempt to depict a panic attack. I’ve had one or two over the years and, yes, that’s more or less what it’s like. The tunnel vision, the shortness of breath, the sudden need for everyone to leave you the hell alone NOW. On a simple level of representation it’s nice to see mental blips like this appear in a Big Damn Hero film. But on a character development level, this is what happens to people who have experienced irreconcilable trauma. And Tony has, so it happens to him. That’s realistic, so it makes him seem more real and therefore easier for us to empathise with. And the fact that he then continues to be witty and brave and clever DESPITE his fear just makes him all the more marvellous.

  2. I like him getting over his pdsd
    But the lost of his arc reactor was why his suit running low on power was more dangerous
    When his suit fails tony fail but not just fail but dead now failure just an inconvenance

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