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Do you like books? Me too! In this week’s episode we discuss the Liaden Universe: What is it? Would you like it? What’s with the TM? and we do an if-then on the various series within it, and which of them you might like. Also we laugh at hilarious 90s-esque cover art. Because that’s never not funny.

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  1. Is it Dune? I bet it’s Dune. It’s not Dune.

  2. You know, I wish more people would talk about book series here.

  3. I don’t like books but I like your videos so it all balances out! 😀

  4. The books are available from, in multiple formats and DRM-free. Great stuff.

  5. The interesting thing about the Liaden universe is that it’s one of the Internet’s first big success stories. After they wrote the first three books back in the ’80s, they were pretty solidly midlist and the publisher didn’t want any more of them. So Lee and Miller shrugged, went off to Maine, and got day jobs.

    Meanwhile, the Internet happened, and word of mouth about the books slowly spread, and people loved them and wanted more…so when the Internet finally came to the stretch of Maine where they were, as soon as they went online they were deluged with demands for the next book. Fans had even decided all on their own what the title should be! So what could they do? They found a publisher and started writing it.

    By the way, I interviewed Sharon Lee & Steve Miller a couple of times on my podcast. They are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

  6. DO DISCWORLD! DO IT!… please 😀

  7. Fascinating! I’ll have to check this series out! Also, I have a request. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series. Brace yourself with what could possibly be the boldest statement you’ve ever read. The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series better than Lord of the Rings. I believe it and many others do, too. Just food for thought. 🙂

  8. I love the fact you recommending a book series, and gives us a look into it. Not many review books or dig into it, which really makes me sad, since books has so many to offer!

    The internet offered nowadays more freedom for people who want to write a story to show us to everybody, so I am always willing to read anything new! Never heard of the Liaden Universe series but from your review I believe that indeed this Liaden series has much to offer. I wonder why not many heard about it? :/

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