Stuff You Like: Ursa vs. the Disney Princesses

In which we tackle, in no particular order: Disney movies, Cosmopolitan magazine, teenagers, branding, and marketing to little girls. Ursa also wonders why Polly Pockets aren’t even remotely pocket-sized any more, and just what on earth is up with LEGO Friends.

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  1. First post
    Interesting have you seen women heros and villains from marvel or DC you know the cool ones
    Some of my favorite were storm who managed to control the weather over the whole planet and almost destroyed the continent of Africa also the only woman to in my option the only woman to truly cla in the heart of wolverine in a further she…help to….prevent ….existed..hmm
    There’s also ms.marvel who defeated Ronan the accuser not easy,
    Black widow (captain America winter solider), mystique x men, cat woman, Wonder Woman, rogue
    Beauty might be skin deep but the women are hard to the core

  2. Oops…I regret nothing

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