Stuff You Like Vlog: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Woo! Non-spoilery section lasts AT LEAST 35 seconds.

And then I just give up and talk turkey. Or…Ultron.

Black Widow! Bruce Banner! Iron Man! Cap! And other, smaller agents!

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  1. You were right about the twin’s backstory. Magneto is their dad, so they had to rejig the origin.

    • The twin’s back story has changed three or four times already, so I would not attribute it solely to the Fox-Marvel movie deal.

      The current back story is this: the twins were children of the Romani, . They were taken from their parents, Django and Marya Maximoff, by the High Evolutionary (an entity who experiments on humans and animals via hyper-evolution). The High Evolutionary was not happy with the results. Disappointed, he gives the children disguised, in his words, as “common mutants” back to their parents. And end.

      Magneto does not factor into anything until later when he saves Wanda, at that point a young woman, from a mob wanting to burn her.

      This is from the Uncanny Avengers, issue #4. It was released on May 6, 2015.

  2. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the only X-Men characters that Marvel owns rights to so they couldn’t put Magneto as their father (at least officially). Also they couldn’t call them mutants because that goes with rights to who X-Men story which is owned by 20th Century Fox. So they are called “enhanced” in both, Agents of S.H.I.L.E.D and Avengers.

  3. Alaster Boneman

    yar magneto used to be scarlet witch (SW) and quicksilver (QS) dad but its complicated, and I believe in the comics at the moment he is no longer their father my understanding is that SW cast a spell to punish Magneto for being a dick but a side effect was every one in her family would also suffer but Magneto didn’t suffer so not their dad,

    you are quite correct Miss Sursum Ursa because marvel sold X men and mutants to fox when they were have $$ trouble a while back and because fox is a bit of a dick they wouldn’t let Marvel have them back so its my understanding that Marvel has relabelled every one who would be a mutant in the cinematic universe either ‘enhanced’ and or inhuman’s in fact their setting the ground work for that in Marvel agents of shield

  4. Mandalf The Beige

    I’ve heard several other people mention the same thing about Natasha. I don’t think she was saying that she’s a monster for being sterile, but because she chose to do it. That with all her skills she had learned at that point she could have escaped, but instead she chose to go through with it and give up a part of herself when she didn’t have to.

    Also Ursa, did you pick up on the subtle comparisons of Ultron to the devil? I know most supervillains get compared to the devil at some point, but this time it really stood out to me. In the last scene when Ultron’s minions are crawling from beneath the ground trying to stall the heroes (who aren’t even there to fight them). It works even better considering that Paul Bettany has played a priest & St. Michael. For me, that really made the final confrontation between Vision and Ultron way better.

    Also, Vision did the thing!!! O_O

  5. Couldn’t watch the whole thing – sorry, I don’t want spoilers.

  6. Yeah you hit the nail on the head with Quicksilver and Scarlet witch being Magneto kids. They were/are mutants and have appeared in the X-men alot but they were also very prominent in the Avengers comics thus they can technically appear in both. But seeing that Fox has all mutant/X-men related rights the MCU couldn’t use Magneto at all. Think like Marvel/X-men (movie verses) as a divorce couple with share custody rights over the character where Marvels’s (MCU) as the mother and The X-men the Farther with their new spouse Fox. Though in the comics now they are hinting that Mag is not their dad now probally to separate the character more from fox…. :/ *sigh* all very very confusing!

    I do hope Quicksilver does come back but with all the legality and popularity of Days of Futures Past version I think they just left it to save them the constant debate of which is better. Though very very glad Scarlet Witch is still in it, really enjoyed her in the movie. Understandable that they changed her reality warping hex powers cause that would make a bit too over powered with them still trying to make the MCU slightly realistic. I just enjoyed her every time she was on screen. The way she looked, her well as you said “outrageous” accent,how they visualised her telekinetic powers like a dancer etc…

    A good point I would like to say is I feel this is leagues ahead if not another galaxy than Man of Steel coming from a Superman fan is that they know the difference of destruction porn and the necessity superhero battle and being a hero in general. I mean that in AoU yes they did have a lot of destruction but you saw them actively try and avoid the fight or move it somewhere else i.e. Iron Man trying to move the Hulk from the city and scans a building first before he uses it to try and knock out the Hulk. They thought of the innocent of their surroundings and tried to protect them. MoS on the other hand lets see actively fights hostile powerful aliens in an enclosed space (IHop and others) where people were scared and just having a meal not trying to move them out of harms way, destroy countless buildings where people properly were hiding in to avoid the carnage now dead or destroying an entire city. Will leave it at just cause go into a very long rant about MoS and will just say AoU understood how heroism worked.

    Brutasha hehe I found my self actually liking the ship from the first movie (p.s if ya know that fanfic let me know don’t think read that one) but in this movie I don’t know had some nice points but also some issues. Like the confusion of the sterilization bit and others. Am torn about this, I love Brutasha but the AoU I found ok lukewarm at best. Agree that I would watch the hell out of a Black Widow Movie! They have layed the ground work and have ALOT of martial…. and if they have Bruce Banner/Hulk as a supporting character in it I’m ok with that. Really want a solo BW movie, Heck if they are too scared giving here or Hulk solo movies why not give them a joint one if that will keep the producers calm. They have material to work with.

    Other than Hulk/BW the only other issues was the quick birth of Ultron after what 15/20 minutes in and how so much was packed into this it felt a little disjointed. Though hearing that Josh Whedon original cut was 3 hours long and we might get an extended edition and it is the tough middle act I am letting it slide. To end I will say I loved Ultron, I loved Clint/Hawkeye character development and family (+him not dying), I LOVED Paul Bettany as the Vision and lastly I just loved the character dynamic and how each of them had a sense of humor to them, making them feel alive.

    Critics may complain but makes this movie good and alot of us overlooking its flaws is that it was fun movie to watch.

  7. A friend of mine once watched the first Avengers movie while stoned.

    He imagined being one of the nameless pedestrians in the city with no idea of what was going on, and walking outside one day to see all of that crazy shit going on. It was unbelievably hilarious to him.

    I can totally see why.

  8. Thanks for the warning. I’ll check back Monday afternoon after I’ve seen it.

  9. Yeah, up until now Magneto was their father, but a few months ago, Wanda performed a spell that was supposed to hurt those who shared her bloodline, and only Pietro doubled over, so dun-dun-dun! Changing continuity to work around 20th Century Fox copyright.

  10. As others have said basically Marvel sold the Movie rights to all the Characters they created with their powers coming from genetic mutation to Fox. However, The Twins where so entrenched with the Adventures universe (more so then Xmen) the two shared the rights to those two characters, Fox can have them be Magneto’s Kids and have Mutant powers but can’t refer to them being Avengers or them Avenging, hence why they are in Days of Future Past. Marvel can also use them BUT can’t talk about them being Mutants or Being Magneto’s Kids, they must have a different back story. EVERY other mutant character can not be in The Avengers until Fox gives them up. The Inhumans are actually a DIFFERENT group of super powered people unrelated to the Xmen and are more in the Cosmic(Guardians) area of the Marvel universe as are “Enhanced” humans…such as Steve Rogers, Banner and Spiderman.

    BTW, one thing that may really geek you out is that Sony and Marvel Worked out a deal to have Spiderman be part of the MCU.


    Am I the only one that noticed that The Hulk recovered from his Rampage do to the Scarlet Witch prior to reverting to Banner and was horrified at what HE (The Hulk) had done and the people he hurt. I think THAT is why he ran. He felt the same as Banner he can’t be around people and that may also be why he didn’t revert even though he was calm. It is easier for him to say away from people then Banner.

    As to Nat and the Monster thing. First, this isn’t the first time she has referred to herself as something of a monster. She is a monster because she allowed them to do that too her because it would make her a better killer. She gave up her ability to create life to make herself a better bringer of Death.

  11. I also suspect that if Marvel can get the X-men rights from Fox, we will get mutants retconed into the MCU via Wanda’s powers. In the comics, she can alter reality (not sure if she messes with people’s minds). She even created an alternate reality where Magneto, and mutants, were rulers of the world. I can see a point in the MCU where they need to raise an army to defend Earth and Wanda has a ‘We need mutants’ moment, where she just magics the X-gene into existence.

    I also think it is likely that Quicksilver will be visiting Tahiti soon. It’s a magical place.
    I also thought Hawkguy was going to die. I’m glad they gave a little nod to the Ultimate comics line where he has a secret family. Hopefully they fare better than their Ultimate counterparts.
    I do wish we got a little more of some characters. I feel like we know almost nothing about what motivates the Vision. How does Wanda feel about living in a building that Stark funded, after his weapons killed her family?

    I’m also not sure if they set up Civil War very well. It doesn’t feel like there is any need to have people with superpowers ‘register’ with the government. There are so few people with powers and the only ones that the Avengers don’t know about are the Inhumans… but they still don’t know about them.

  12. I had 3 problems with the movie.
    1. I would have liked to see more/longer quiet scenes.
    2. The shaky cam at the begining of the Hulk/Iron Man fight
    3. I prefered the Quicksilver from Days of Future Past.

  13. [SPOILER and fairly comic-geeky minor fan-gush]

    The break-out thing for me is just that of all characters, Vision – who has been demoted storywise in 616 canon to just about Superfriends-Aquaman level of relevance – gets promoted to Superman levels of power and plot relevance. Like yeah the MCU is more condensed than the comic’s world, so he can get that power level but omg, who could see that coming?!

    I grew up on the Silver Age comics, I have the full Scarlet Witch and Vision miniseries and read Bryne’s run on West Coast Avengers. And even with the miniseries, I was never a fan of Vision. He was just…dumb! Yeah him and Scarlet Witch raising their family in New Jersey was cute and bizarre, especially when the magic-demon-soul babies come in (very, very complicated story), but other than he was a red-skinned android, there was nothing that defined Vision as being particular memorable.

    At the same time, I don’t hate Vision. What Bryne did to him and Wanda seriously makes my skin crawl, but mostly because of the precedent he set for Wanda’s sanity and emotional issues that would be rehashed for House of M and M-Day

    Hell, in recent years, Vision was literally put on a shelf in Avenger’s Mansion and was not present for any of the big story arcs like Civil War. He only recently came back, and writers still don’t know what to do with him outside of meeting with his reincarnated son (again, long, long story).

    Who could expect the poster child of emo-robot tropes, would turn into the downright messianic, calm and wise Superman-expy we get in the movie!?

    It’s like Whedon read the Silver Age comics, and got pissed at Bryne who reduced Vision to a ‘toaster’ (Bryne’s own words), and realized that even now the modern writers have done jackshit to help make Vision an interesting or relevant character; and just said “Fuck it, I’m making him robo-Superman-Jesus. And freaking British.”

    And BOOM, we get the best possible version of Vision ever.

    I want MCU Vision to influence his comicbook counterpart somehow, so he’ll finally get some growth and get his due

  14. I’ll come back to the rest of this review once I see it next weekend.

  15. Okay about the twins.

    Fox owns the X-Men rights, so they can’t even use the word ‘mutants’ to describe them. Here they’re mutated humans, not born mutants, I’m not even sure if mutants exist currently in the MCU (which is a weird thing to say).

    In the comics, they WERE Magneto’s kids. This has been established for a very long-time, and was taken as the status quo for many major story arcs, like House of M and so on.

    But recently, in a comic series called AXIS, Wanda does a spell that reveals Magneto has no blood ties with the twins.

    This is highly, highly controversial as it’s interpreted by comicbook readers that the writers are trying to merge with the MCU movie version of origins, even when they don’t have to.

  16. Spoilers ahead, but I don’t know why you’d read the comments if you haven’t even seen the whole review yet^^
    Nice review, you pretty much summed up my feelings about this movie!. I totally loved that Cap and Hammer moment too, it was brilliant.
    One thing, I’m not sure how much of Bruce’s leaving had to do with him not wanting to take more orders. It’s certainly a part, but like someone said, it’s probably more that he is afraid of hurting more innocent people if he stays with the Avengers. It made sense for his character to leave, but I hope he’ll come back.
    The monster-quote had me do a double take too, the first time I saw the movie, but after my second viewing I’m pretty sure that it was just badly timed and I agree with the comments above that she was referring to her letting them do it to her, not to the fact that she can’t have children itself.
    Also, Black Widow-movie, make it happen, Marvel! I’d also be on board with Bruce as a supporting character.
    Someone asked before, but I’d love to know which fanfic she’s mentioning in the review, I’d like to read it.

  17. [SPOILER]

    When the Natasha/Hulk romance was hinted in the trailers i didn’t like the Idea at all.
    But actually I feel it plays out really really good in the movie.
    About the monster thing: She’s not a Monster because she’s sterile, she’s a monster because she was put in a red room and transformed into a being with the sole purpose of killing stuff, with all humanity striped from her. The ability to have children is just a symptom of that, but one that can not be repaired unlike other things they did.

    What I didn’t like was the friday thing. Ill miss JARVIS dearly.

  18. Like others, I liked DoFP Quicksilver better, but I didn’t hate AoU Quicksilver.
    I think Natasha said she was a monster not just because she was sterile, but because she graduated. She became this unfeeling, uncaring, detached person who had no problem killing others. The sterilization was just the cherry on top. It made me doubt her emotions for Bruce; did she flirt with him because she liked him, or because it helped control him?

    • I have a huge problem with DofP Quicksilver: He is too powerful. And so far the guy is one awesome scene, nothing more. The Marvel version won for me simply by making his powers believable and giving him a sympathetic motivation.

      But the romance was just awful. Didn’t work.

  19. You dingleberry hey language

  20. Watched the review despite having not seen the movie because it’s a comic book movie. Who cares about spoilers? That’s like warning people about spoilers in Rocky 4 or Commando.

    It’s a popcorn flick.

  21. I am 60 years old, and read comics back when the price had jumped from ten cents to twelve cents. Back in the mid-60s during the summers, Marvel comics would publish giant double sized special issues, and usually the stories would lead to a titanic fight scene, one huge panel spread across two pages, crammed with heroes and villains slugging it out. They did a great job bringing that action packed tableau to life. Also, they did a great job getting the super action right. What I call “initial plausibility”, in that if someone could lift a car over his or her head, it would LOOK like that.

  22. “Thor, why are you in a lake?”


    Okay, actually it does, and he does mention why right as they enter the cave, and basically his whole
    Scarlet Witch vision was a setup for Thor 3: Ragnarok, but…..

    THOR…. TOPLESS… SOAKING WET… You have issue with this??????!

  23. Your question about Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch… Yes. Copyright. That’s the only way they could get them in the movie because Fox owns the rights to the X-Men and all Mutants. That’s why they’re called ‘enhanced’, not mutants, and have a different back-story.

  24. I agree! SO much, the movie was absolutely amazing, I actually like it better than the first Avengers movie. And I So adored that first subplot. I ship them so hard.

  25. I also LIKED how busy the movie was. It was not too much for me to follow, and seemed more realistic that way, because in real life, things happen all at once, not sequentially. And I am totally going to see it again.

  26. I think she called herself a monster because she’s still a trained assassin who’s killed a lot of people. The sterilization was for the “Black Widows” to not get pregnant and have to deal with the emotional aspects and physical drawbacks of it. It’s cruel and practical. The Red Room and Black Widow Ops Program stuff gets a lot more hints in ‘Agent Carter.’ It’s Soviet training facility that recruits orphan girls to raise them as agents for infiltration.

    The only flaw that bugged me most about the movie was the Bruce/Natasha stuff. I don’t mind a romance between the characters, but I wish we got to see how we got there. There’s an established method of calming Bruce, they like each other, what? When did this happen? They barely talk in the first movie and there have been no Marvel One-Shots to develop this. Not even an episode from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I heard that the film was long and had a lot of cut scenes, so I’m hoping there’s more to explain everything.

    I feel like we were placed in the middle of the relationship without any context of what happened. Other than that I love all the hints and that we probably are going to see more of War Machine and the Falcon. I’m looking forward to the future movies and will probably buy the DVD when it comes out.

  27. Unno magneto belongs to fox the twin were a middle zone
    The muntant but there avenger shared rights….wait
    Wolverine and storm are avengers too
    Wolverine vs hulk, cap, someone
    But the twins will never see there dad nooooo

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