Suede XS: FFVIII Both Sucks And Doesn’t

Is there such a thing as Schroedigers Nostalgia? Is Spoony wrong? No, and yes!

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I agree with you completely on Schroedigers Nostalgia (nice name for this, btw). Lately, I experienced this myself with some books i really enjoyed when i was younger, but that got tons of criticismen from other people. The most popular example would be Eragon. I liked it when I read it, but the sequels sucked in my opinion, and now i’m not sure wether i only liked the book because i was young and haven’t read much books at that point, and I was just better at spotting the flaws in the books when the sequels came out, or wether… Read more »

Did you ever realize that it looks like you’re saying there is no such thing as Schrodinger’s nostalgia and that Spoony is wrong?