Suede’s Pokemon Journey Ep. 03: Ash catches a Pokemon

The titlecard LIES! But this episode is awesome!

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  1. great episode review again. two thumbs up

    ps first

  2. Wait, 3? What happened to 2? Posted last week? Where was I?

    Must have been in my cave.

  3. I love how the Pokemon in this series actually did have their own unique personalities and goals that they talked about with eachother at certain points. Not saying it’s anything ground-breaking, but compare this to the newer series where everything is just sort-of Ash’s new loyal cute companion who blindly follows orders and it’s a pretty huge downgrade. There are the occasional exceptions like I think a few seasons ago or something there was a Buneary who was into Pikachu??? But yeah, it never felt as good as with episodes like this where the show’s free to just stop for a moment and treat the new Pokemon as actual characters and I wish we got more moments like that in general.

  4. quick question: Will you also be reviewing the episodes that were banned in season 1?

  5. I don’t know why but I busted a gut at “That don’t make no sense!”

  6. Have any of you read the Pokémon Adventures manga?

  7. The title isn’t a lie, it told a half truth which is different. He caught a Pokemon and then he caught another. Titles are under no obligation to tell the full story.In fact, they really shouldn’t.

  8. Dear Suede,

    This wouldn’t come into play for a long time, unless potentially you wanted to do an individual episode on Ash being a highlander. But I was wondering what you thought of the following idea: That the original incarnation of the anime we all watched and you are reviewing should have ended at episode 112. I know I probably seem like some crabby, 90’s nostalgia purist. But I contend that Ash’s victory in the Orange League, a leauge in structure almost exactly like the games, and a story arc where Ash really grows as a trainer, represents a glorious and fitting way to end his story.

    Anyway, thats just the thoughts of…some crabby, 90’s nostalgia purist ;).



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