Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 17: Island of the Giant Pokémon

Suede Suede Suede Suede SUEDE! Suede Suede Suede Suede… (we can finally understand pokemon! Too bad they don’t have anything to say…)

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  1. I think I must have missed this episode because I surely would have remembered this episode. O.O

  2. Crossover Princess

    Yeah… this was a weird episode… though I did hear that the translations at the Oden Stand much of their dialogue was based around salary men, which is very amusing if you think about it…

    • That would make sense, especially if the Pokemon are indeed all male as male salarymen often go out drinking after work, and Pokemon could possibly be likened to unpaid workers of their trainers. I’m mostly saying this for the benefit of others as I’m sure that’s the gist of the connection you made.

      Come to think of it, one thing that always intrigued me about Slowbro is the Bro, who is apparently a separate Pokemon never seen until it attaches to a Slowpoke’s tail. I know very little about subsequent gens, so has anything new been revealed about that and how it works? That’s literally the only exciting thing about this line of Pokemon IMHO but it’s still enough to generate at least some interest in the “Slow” family.

  3. Empires New Groove reference at the end… well done.

  4. Wow, Suede. You’re a fast talker. Does your primary profession involve working as an auctioneer. I ask because you are probably one of the fastest talking reviewers I’ve ever heard/seen.

    Nice review btw.

  5. I… errr… Wha?

    How did I never make the connection between the giant mechanical pokémon and the giant Dragonite from Bill’s lighthouse???

    20 years… Nearly 20 years after I started watching and enjoying Pokémon, and I never realised that!

  6. Really enjoying the series and looking forward to future episodes.

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