Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 18 (Banned): Beauty and the Beach

Suede tackles the very first episode BANNED in the states! no seizures here, but certain things may still make you sick…

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  1. I didn’t know this episode was dubbed.

    • Cinnamon Scudworth

      You could only see it if you were watching Kids WB in the summer of 2000; they ran it there twice, and then never again. I actually did tape the thing; I had a feeling something like this was going to happen.

  2. Crossover Princess

    This episode… is just weird…

    Also while this episode was cut, there were two episodes that did reference this one: Tentacool and Tentacreul (which you’ll get to next time) and Hypno’s Naptime which showed a flashback to this episode… Which confused me as a kid… I mean I was wondering when they meet Ash’s mom and Pro. Oak? Why is she holding a trophy? Did she win a water skiing competition or something?

    Yes… for some reason I thought it was water skiing, 12 year old me had some weird ideas…

    • Tentacool and Tentacreul is also a banned episode, but it was banned later for different reason. Today only still banded episode is Virtual Soldier Porygon.. if I say that it was used as base for Lavender Town Tune creepypasta you would know why.. though with “just” mass epilepsy outbreak.

  3. Misty’s not 10, though. She’s 12. Not much better, but it’s a thing.

  4. I never realized that Misty was 10. O.O Wha? How did I never pick up on that?!

  5. 1:35- I love how they were perfectly fine keeping this bit in, yet it was James’ scenes that caused this to be banned.

  6. I know it sounds dark, but every time I hear Linkara yell “Not like this!” I can just picture him at the area the characters are at and one of his pokemon just died during his Nuzlocke run.

  7. This might now be my favorite episode. But I love strange fucked up things. So they might not want to put this blurb on the box.

  8. Yeeg, it actually rather annoys me that of all the good reasons to ban this episode, they had to choose the one harmless thing… priorities man.

  9. Yeah, it is honestly strange how NO ONE seems to be impressed by the fact that Team Rocket’s Meowth is the world’s only talking Meowth. Heck, Meowth is the only talking pokemon in existence at this point in the series I think, before we’re introduced to the first Ghastly of the series & later Mewtwo etc. I guess maybe its a running gag that no one ever seems surprised by Meowth’s speech capabilities and clearly human sentience, but you’d think a truly one of a kind pokemon like Meowth would remain in Giovanni’s personal care rather than being left in the hands of Jessie & James in the field. I realize Giovanni’s Persian is stronger & more elegant, but it can’t talk so…Yeah. Poor Meowth.

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