Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 19: Tentacool and Tentacruel

Harems! Guns! Giant tentacles! Psychic violation! Pokemon could get WEIRD, man!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    Oh man… I was hoping you would bring up the confusing part with Zubat and Bulbasaur… HOW IS ZUBAT DOING THAT! HOW!!!!!!!!

    Also nice Gravity Falls reference.

  2. This was the first ever episode I saw. Wow, it’s nothing like I remember.

  3. So glad you actually played Puppet Meowth’s dialogue. IMO, it’s some of the most intense stuff this show has done.

  4. I actually remember watching this episode on TV and I am an American. Maybe I managed to catch it before 9/11, who knows. Puppet Meowth stuck with me since he was genuinely terrifying. Honestly, it’s really only the full on Tentacool/Tentacruel attack, Meowth, and Nastina that I remember from this episode. Completely forgot about all the other stuff.

  5. At first I thought the description said Hentai, not Harems. O.O

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