Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 20: The Ghost Of Maiden’s Peak

Hey, Brock finally found a girl who’s interesed in him! Too bad she’s dead…

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Team Rocket’s hanging sleeping bags are imitating bagworm moths. They’re common enough in Japan to get things like the protagonist of Terraformars modeled after them, and work as a sight gag being nature’s hobo. Which makes them another real animal besides the mongoose to be referenced, and then have an actual Pokemon later (Wormadam).


First season of Pokemon is weird.. even if there were animals in this universe (there is theory about it.. basically Pokemon world was normal world before Arceus recreate it) they weren’t shown later.

PS: I love how he auto-ironically overreact about ghost in Pokemon, what are a fact.

Wow, I just realized watching this review that the priestess covering James and Brock in the charms to keep them from being abducted by the Ghastly is probably a reference to a Japanese ghost story, Hoichi the Earless. In that story, a blind musician/monk named Hoichi manages to attract the attention of a ghostly samurai while performing one of his ballads. In order to keep him from being spirited away by the specter, the other monks paint charms all over his body to keep it from touching him. However, they forgot to paint over his ears. So, while Hoichi performs… Read more »

I don’t remember this episode (I probably would have been a little creeped out as a kid) but at least Brock was very much in character in this episode. ^.^