Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 22: Abra and the Psychic Showdown

Ever wanted to see ash almost get MURDERED twice? Here’s your chance!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    From what I heard that the whole thing with Ghosts being weak to Psychic was a glitch that got fixed in later generations thankfully. It really hurts that the Gen 1 had sucky moves for both Bug and Ghost types, which is why Psychic dominated that generation…

  2. Ghost actually was supposed to be super effective on Psychic in the gen 1 games, the fact that it wasn’t was a bug in the programming.

    Also, this technically violates the rules, but since you broke that rule anyway, I’ll say it anyway: Ash does his gym run out of order, because he goes to saffron before Celadon

  3. Well Ghost also had functionally no viable moves in gen 1, so that probably didn’t help. I don’t remember if the ghastly line was retconned into being ghost-poison to explain their weakness to psychic in gen 1 or if they were always that type combo and simply had no offensive capabilities to make up for it.

  4. 1:05 -1:20 Well, that’s not creepy. Also, I’ve only seen Back to the Future once so I didn’t realize where the one Pikachu sound came from until you spelled it out. Haha

  5. The Sabrina episodes where by far my favourites one of the first season (wich is also the only season i watched but still)

  6. Ghosts were powerful vs psychic. The problem was that there were no real Ghost moves, and the only ghosts in the game had a second type of Poison, which was weak to psychic…

  7. This was one of the first Pokemon episodes I watched when I was younger, I loved the way they tried to make it dark and atmospheric, but yeah, they just hammered that joke into the ground about Ash being completely oblivious.

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