Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 27: Hypno’s Naptime

How could an episode involving missing children and wealthy sleeping parties go so wrong!?

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  1. Crossover Princess

    They should have edited out, or else I wouldn’t be confused and think that she won an off screen water skiing competition…

  2. Oh yes, humans and pokémon in Pokémon world are related as evidence shown by that one book in generation 4.

  3. At least this episode gave us Psyduck

  4. Well, I like how this episode was kinda mystery based. ^.^ Also, I like the wholesomeness of your videos. It’s refreshing.

  5. I notice none of the missing children look like Ash. Does that that mother not know what her own kid looks like?

  6. ( 9:52 ) Personally, I mostly wonder about, well… How did these children ‘survived’ for (more or less) 3 days ?

  7. Daniel Brizuela

    Just listening to how you describe the episode makes it sound so boring.

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