Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.32: The Ninja Poké-Showdown

Actual pokemon battles? Surely you jest!

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  1. Radar uses radio wave, a form of electromagnetic radiation, like light. Sonar uses sound.

  2. Alright, you see how we have 6 badges now and we are on episode 32? Roughly how long do you think it will be until Ash gets his 7th?

    I hate to inform you that we get that on episode… 61.

    Yup, and the only real significant things to happen between then and now is Ash’s Charmander evolving all the way to a Charizard, (I guess Ash captures a bunch of Tauros but he doesn’t use any of them in Indigo, Plus Misty gets Togepi, but Togepi is solely for Gold/Silver advertising and doesn’t really do much else for indigo. Jigglypuff becomes a running gag as well and that’s it.)

    Welcome to the realm of filler people. We are going head first in after this one.

  3. So they just randomly go into someone’s house? They’re like Goldilocks. (Yeah, I know it’s a gym but they didn’t know that!) You know, I think a Pokémon version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears would actually be interesting.

  4. Well, Koga WAS named Koga in the English release of the game too, so at least it’s consistent.

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