Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep. 35 (Banned): The Legend Of Dratini

An episode lost to the western world, reviewed today! Why was it banned? I’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with GUNS (It’s guns).

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  1. Crossover Princess

    I always thought he was based on Charlton Heston, not Clint Eastwood… good to know he was based on the lesser of two evils.

  2. Okay… I get this banning. O.O

  3. Huh… I always thought it was kinda weird that I never remembered seeing Ash catch all those Tauros, despite how persistent that plot point has been (hell, the fact that Ash has caught a bunch of Tauros even gets mentioned in the Sun & Moon series). I guess that’s that mystery solved.

  4. So a gun in the last episode was okay, but not in this next episode? edit: never mind, it was explained.

  5. I don’t really get banning of this episode as banning it based on having guns in it seems hypocritical to me. Showing guns in work of fiction don’t harm anyone. Besides if some kid is stupid enough to copy what he or she sees then it’s his or her fault as well as fault of parents for not making sure that they don’t do stupid things.

  6. This review is rich in banned goodness! 😀

  7. Man that episode looks fun too bad it was banned but I do get it.

  8. “Well excuse me bizarre mixup of McCree and Soldier:76 from Overwatch”

    Aren’t they both based off Clint Eastwood anyways?

  9. Maddie Blaustein did an English version of that ending theme for the episode in the west entitled, “Go West, Young Meowth”, that it was not to the same melody and was more of a talk-singing performance.

  10. I understand it not being broadcast, but I find it strange that it wasn’t dubbed for release in other venues down the line.

  11. The weird thing is that this episode was quite funny. You wouldn’t expect that in an episode with gunplay. I was surprised how easy I could find this. I love Bulbapedia too! It’s great to look at old episodes. There’s just so many it’s hard to keep up.

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