Suede’s Pokemon Journey, Ep.36: The Bridge Bike Gang

This episode was SO STUPID! I LOVED IT!

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  1. Crossover Princess

    Were the commenting rules a reference to the fact that the new Star Wars trailer came out yesterday, if so that’s pretty funny… if not… that’s a pretty weird coincidence…

  2. Misty and her bike. That’s a plot I didn’t think would return. O.O

  3. Suede, I know you started this series for the anniversary and your birthday lining up and I have enjoyed the regular content, even with the set format you manage to keep the presentation fresh and light and I have watch numerous episodes multiple times for that reason.

    With only 16 episodes left (I think) in your initial commitment do you have any plans to continue with similar weekly content? I don’t know what else in your life has both the nostalgia factor and the mass appeal to justify the effort on your part, but I enjoy your stuff enough to encourage you to continue.

  4. I liked this episode because of Charmander beating Golem. Burned Chopper’s hand because the pokeball lol

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